Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Year in Review - My Personal Blog Favorites

Oh what a year it has been! I published over 400 blog entries in 2008 many of which were just simple news tidbits that I wanted to pass along, but then there are others that I am truly proud of writing.

Prior to my election to the Dunwoody City Council my blog was focused towards obtaining for my neighborhood the best governmental services available. Lately the goal of my blog has been to set the Gold Standard for Transparency in Government, while now providing the best governmental services to the entire city. It has been a lot of work maintaining this site but I am told that the City of Dunwoody website will be completely overhauled in several months and will fully meet or exceed my expectations. When that happens my blog may morph again but until then I will continue to do what I have been doing, thereby setting a minimum level of service for the City to aspire to on their new page.

Here are some of my personal blog favorites going back to last December and before the year is out I will be compiling a separate list related just to the quest of Dunwoody becoming a City.

Dec 2007

If this isn't pointing a finger then maybe it's just a one finger salute?

Jan 2008

HB968 - Speed Enforcement Legislation proposed for Parks.

Feb 2008

DeKalb Park Master Plan redo costs $249,600.00 - Open Records Request

Mar 2008

Civic leader forces action on PCMS crosswalk - Crier

If I were a reporter in DeKalb on Tuesday, Police & Parks would be my focus.

Apr 2008

Being a part time blogger doesn’t make me a journalist in the eyes of the Atlanta Press Club.

Has Brook Run been properly cleaned up or was it just buried? Show me proof & test results.

May 2008

GA Speeding Laws need to be Changed - here is just another example.

Jun 2008

Odd that Rep. Jill Chambers' street was repaved last year by DeKalb County when there are 45 miles of roads in Dunwoody, rated as poor quality?

Is it possible to take local politics out of road maintenance? We can only dream.

Jul 2008

Heneghan’s Dunwoody Blog

John Heneghan announces candidacy for Dunwoody City Council, District 3 at large.

Bird aviary vs. needed roads improvements, we can’t afford it all, must have items will take priority over nice to have.

Aug 2008

My personal ethics keep getting in the way, not to mention the State & Federal Laws.

My top priorities for Dunwoody

Sep 2008

Proudly not being endorsed by the Atlanta Board of Realtors !!

Where were you seven years ago today?

Oct 2008

Brook Run averages 2,250 voters per day, 2 hour wait and Tom keeps waving.

Nov 2008

Busy day in Dunwoody

Dec 2008

Local Blogs all the Rage

The abbreviated History of Dunwoody available on YouTube


Pattie Baker said...

John: Thank you for your commitment to all this. I hope you are going to take a a little time off now! An exciting new year awaits . . .

Trackboy1 said...

I see Brook Run mentioned a whole lot of times. We wouldn't be mentioning Brook Run so much if there was more competency from DeKalb Co. Parks & Rec. management. Time for Burrell E to CLEAN HOUSE!

Hene, this blog is a great public service. It's helped other blogs like DeKalb Officers, DeKalb County School Watch, InDecatur and Decatur Metro thrive and gain credibility. Keep on keeping on.