Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Audio from Monday Night's Dunwoody City Council

The meeting on Monday followed the agenda except that we moved items K1, 2, 3 & 6 to the consent agenda and approved them as a group. The audio from the first half is from the start until the end of item K8, the IGA for the Ad Valorem Tax Billing and the audio of the second half picks it up at the schedule of fees for Alcohol Licensing until the end.

All items on the agenda were passed as presented except for a minor language cleanup in the Dunwoody Convention & Visitors Bureau.

03232009_audio1.mp3 17 MB

03232009_audio2.mp3 19MB

I received a complement from a person I truly respect who was unable to attend the last meeting and listened to my audio for the first time and was very grateful that it was available.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions to improve the audio? The new City Hall council chambers will have microphones which should greatly improve the sound quality. What else?

Who knows someday the city council meetings may have streaming video to the internet and be simulcast on cable TV?

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