Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dunwoody Meeting Audio from June 15, 2009

11:45 am Agenda & Audio of Millage Rate Hearing

6:30 pm Agenda & Audio of Hearing & vote passing the rate.

7:00 pm Agenda & Audio files below

Start of meeting, Boyken Proclamation, Approval of Agenda.

Public Comment ZBA process Change, better signs, rezoning of village prop, 90 day moratorium on rezonings due to errors, DCVB 503C6, Radar Signs requested with no school match.

Boyken Status Report

May Financial Report

Discussion of Dunwoody Conversion & Visitors Bureau
White Paper presented by Councilman Ross recommending an Authority CVB.

Alcohol Ordinance Change & Construction Board

Alcohol Review Board, Radar Sign Results & funding of Radar Signs

Pothole repair process & Update.

Health Insurance for City Officers & Municode

Community Council Discussion

Applicant attendance & Public Notice on rezoning

Special Event Policies to end


Joe Hirsch said...

Thank you as always John for posting everything.

My reax to the discussions:

Requiring attendance of an applicant of a zoning request is like requiring someone to bow to the king. We get it – our government is powerful and wants to demand reverence. One council member said if the council is spending their time on the matter, the applicant should too. This attitude forgets: the council works for the citizens! We are your bosses. You work for us, please do the job you were elected to do and earn our respect. Of course you barely get paid, but not everyone can attend the meetings. Conversely, if a council member or commissioner doesn’t show up, the application doesn’t automatically get approved. Sure, an applicant should show up, but if they don’t, you should not punish them for your hurt feelings. This proposal is absurd.

Regarding notification and posting signs of zoning request changes, who cares if we are in line with other municipalities? We should be better. The current ways don’t work. The signs are ineffective, not legible and don’t truly notify the public. Dunwoody should continue in its quest of transparency and fairness.

Staceka said...

I agree with Joe 100%, well said.

JerryGarcia said...

I think the person who proposed the mandatory requirement of applicant attendance at hearings did not attend this work session.