Saturday, June 20, 2009

Radar Speed Limit Signs may coming to Dunwoody and rumor is the crossing guards are leaving?

Though the City of Dunwoody didn't win the Safe Routes to Schools grant, the City has made it a priority in making it safe for our children to walk to school. Proof of this is on the agenda for Monday as it appears that Dunwoody may be one of the first cities in Atlanta to be installing these specialized speed limit devices.

A little bird told me that the DeKalb County School System is thinking about pulling most if not all crossing guards in the coming year. Can you imagine no crossing guards for our elementary schools? I can't. Check out the video below for the dangers of North Peachtree Road and an example of the signs the City of Dunwoody is thinking of installing near our schools. I have a meeting with Ms. Pat Pope scheduled for next month and I promise that walking safety for those students within the now expanded mile and a half will be one of the first topics of conversation.

YouTube Video of Radarsign demonstration.


DunwoodyPoliceWatch said...

The 1st sign lasted 12-hours after the feedback was turned on. Now Richard wants the city to but $50,000.00 in the trash can? Will the new signed have wireless video so we can see who is destroying the signs? Can we get a GHSA or other grants to help pay for the signs? Can we take the money for tickets to use for this purchase? It’s all about the cash. $50,000.00 will be nice to give to the schools.

John Heneghan said...

Dear Mr. DunwoodyPoliceWatch,

Please get your facts straight, the demonstration sign was operational for over two weeks, it documented the speeds on N. Peachtree and then proved to be successful in slowing the average speed on that stretch of road.

This amount of money is to possibly fund the installation of 13 signs in high priority locations near schools and walking routes. If I remember correctly, you are opposed to the DPD doing speed enforcement and now you are opposed to these signs therefore I would like to hear a positive suggestion come from you on slowing traffic on the routes our children take to school.


PS: please feel free to attend the Dunwoody City Council meeting on Monday to voice your concerns.

Mark said...

I hope we don't lose the crossing guards. My daughter attended school in Birmingham and we never had crossing guards unless we could find parents to volunteer. The school had an old vest and sign that had seen years use. I was the guard most days for a couple of years. I had loads o' fun with inattentive drivers. Every once in a great while, we could get a Birmingham Police cruiser to spend a few minutes parked near the crossing, but it did little to influence driver behavior. There was one time the officer was very useful. A woman approached at high speed. I could see her head turned, speaking enthusiastically to her male companion. He saw me first and screamed at her to stop the car. She came to a stop perhaps a foot from me, and went into shock. I couldn't get her to communicate, talk, or anything else. The officer approached and took over, which was greatly appreciated since she had both lanes and the crossing blocked. Loads o' fun and I can't tell you how happy I am to have those days far behind me.

Joe Seconder said...

Lived in Europe for 6 years. Was in the Military for 22 and am used to following the laws. They use Speed Cameras. You speed (give or take a few mph), then you get a ticket in the mail. No need to have a policeman write speeding violations. GREATLY slows down traffic and makes the streets safer for everyone. It's in use in some places in the States. I'd support Dunwoody in making this a reality.

TwoDogsTrucking said...

Reference the data from the sign; A better break down would be by day and hour. Then a comparison from known traffic data from GDOT or DeKalb’s Traffic Engineering. Who independently verifies this company’ measures, equipment and data. Secondly does the sign conform accordingly to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices ( The stated purpose of a traffic sign is to state a clear and singular message to motorist. Lastly in reference to utilizing the signs for traffic enforcement I would urge a review of Title 40, chapter 14 of the OCGA and think of the expense of compliance.
Reference the crossing guards, that was a service of DeKalb Police.

DunwoodyPoliceWatch said...

I don’t want anyone to run over me and my kids when we roller blade down the road, but I don’t want to spend 50K on some street signs. 50K is more than the money we are looking for the purchase of the AED (Automated External Defibrillators) devices. And it will saves lives. Come on Dunwoody, we have enough cop stuff lets purchaes some equipment that will saves lives. It’s a no brainer. If we have an extra 50k then AED should be the purchaes ordered signed. Not the one for some over priced street signs.
Out of the 5 people reading this, one up us will need thee device to safe our lives; I hope you have your priorities in the rite place.

joggerdavew said...

There is nothing more important to Dunwoody residents than becoming a police state.

Ken Thompson said...

Hold on a minute there joggerdave -- don't tar us all with the same brush. It is a matter of public record that significantly less than half of the registered voters in Dunwoody made it to the polls on July 15 last year. As a result only a little over on third of registered voters bothered to vote for the city (and I know some that want a "do-over") and as we know in our democracy -- the greatest on earth -- not all residents are registered voters. I'd be surprised if one out of five voting age residents came to the polls in support of CoD.

Some folks just want(ed) to be left alone---definitely not a "police state". Sadly, enough of us didn't want it badly enough--then.