Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comprehensive Land Use Plan Recap from July 7th

The City just uploaded the recap of the July 7th Comprehensive Land Use meeting on Parks and I can't stress enough the importance of the August 3rd meeting which will discuss residential density. Please plan to attend.

POND and Company began the evening with an overview of the comprehensive planning process in general and a recap of the June 2nd and June 24th meeting results.

The majority of the evening focused on future needs for public infrastructure such as the possibility of city park system, future community facilities like City Hall and the police station, and the need and future locations of pedestrian and/or bicycle paths.

Another significant part of the evening was a presentation and discussion about impact fees and their possible role in our future.

To view the presentation by POND and Company please click here.

The next meeting will be Monday August 3rd at 7pm. This meeting will be the “meat and potatoes” of the plan. It will be the workshop where you can get into laying out the future designs and goals for nodes where we anticipate the possibility of change within our city (such as Dunwoody Village, Georgetown area, Shallowford Road area, the Winters Chapel area, and the Jett Ferry/Mt. Vernon area).

I hope to see you there!

Jennifer Peterson,
Community Development Director


Dunwoody Mom said...
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Dunwoody Mom said...
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Dunwoody Mom said...

I believe HCA still owns the hospital property on North Shallowford. Does anyone know what the company's plans are, i.e. selling the property, renovating, etc.? Do City officials have a good relationship with HCA?

themommy said...

Several years ago it was clear that HCA was trying to sell the property. An apartment developer (at least one) approached Dunwoody Homeowners Association about an increase in density. When told no, they backed off.

There isn't even a for sale sign in front of it though, never has been, so who knows?

Dunwoody Mom said...

That area certainly does not need any more apartments. Retail on that property? Not too appealing either. I'll be interested to hear other ideas on this property.