Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meeting Audio of July 20th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Follow along on the Agenda or just pick your topic bellow.
  1. Meeting Start, Comments & Boyken 07202009_audio1.mp3
  2. June Financial Report 07202009_audio2.mp3
  3. Sanitation and Website 07202009_audio3.mp3
  4. Grants update 07202009_audio4.mp3
  5. Marcus Jewish Community Parking 07202009_audio5.mp3
  6. Reverse 911 07202009_audio6.mp3
  7. Dunwoody Convention Visitors Bureau 07202009_audio7.mp3
  8. Mid-Year vendor contract discussion 07202009_audio8.mp3
  9. Sustainability Refocus 07202009_audio9.mp3
  10. Traffic Calming Policy 07202009_audio10.mp3
  11. Village Creek Drive 07202009_audio11.mp3
  12. ADA Compliance 07202009_audio12.mp3
  13. London Taxi Cabs 07202009_audio13.mp3
  14. Chamber of Commerce 07202009_audio14.mp3
  15. Council Meeting Schedule and Public Comment 07202009_audio15.mp3
  16. Public Comment - Village Creek Drive 07202009_audio16.mp3
Dunwoody resident, Rick Callihan has been writing some nice commentary on the City Council meetings and has already posted the first of probably several meeting recaps, so please show him some love and check out his site. http://dunwoodytalk.blogspot.com (Rick, I will gladly accept payment of Mellow Mushroom pizza's for mentioning your name & website.)

1 comment:

Dunwoody Mom said...

Does the City have some type of fireworks ordinance? Did the folks at First Baptist notify anyone of their fireworks last night? Imagine my surprise at the quiet of the night having my house shake and running outside to make sure we were not experiencing an earthquake to see fireworks coming from First Baptist. I'm sure families with young children who were probably asleep at that time were pleased.