Thursday, August 6, 2009

Away for a little time with the family and various updates to hold you over.

With school starting next week and with me being between houses, the family and I have escaped into the wilderness of South Georgia. I will be returning sometime over the weekend and hope to post the agenda for Monday night's City Council meeting but in case I am unable, please check the city calendar item for this coming Monday which should be updated on Friday evening.

Today prior to leaving town this afternoon, we registered all three of my boys at three different DeKalb County schools (New Dunwoody Elem, Chesnut Elem & Coralwood Pre-K) and all of the registrations went smoothly due to the numerous PTA parents who worked tirelessly on behalf of the community. Thank you.

At Dunwoody Elementary I toured the new school to view the finished product and was mostly pleased with what I saw. The classrooms were completed and furnished, the library, computer lab and music rooms were fully equipped and the playground was finally being installed. My only minor issues were related to the decorative fencing that was promised to the neighbors and the School Garden at the rear of the property that appears to be blocked off by the chain link fencing that I believe is suppose to be removed?

With the day off work, I saw the City of Dunwoody Public Works staff cleaning the overgrown gutters in front of Peachtree Middle School and noticed the School Crosswalk signs were already in place at Chesnut. I am expecting a number of other school related public works projects taking place all over the city this week, most of which will be pavement striping and paint related but our crews are also testing the flashing school zone blinkers and verifying that all of the intersection crosswalk indicators are working properly so that our children walking to school can do so safely. I am also told that if all goes well there is a chance that the radar speed limit signs may also be installed prior to the start of school, or very soon just after.

The Dunwoody Police took another bad guy off our streets but please remember that the police can not be everywhere and that it is the responsibility of each of us to watch out for our neighbors where possible. I am aware of several day time home burglaries and without a vigilant community looking out for such activity, these thieves will be difficult to catch (though I know our police are actively trying).

Have you seen the Dunwoody Police Department newsletter, here is the August 1, 2009 inaugural edition and I would like to encourage you to do a Police ride along as well as invite your teenager to check out the Police Explorers. With school starting please watch your speeding in Dunwoody, 102 mph on Peeler and 108 mph on Mount Vernon are pushing the limits of common sense.

Talking of speeding tickets, the City of Dunwoody is aware of this issue and is working to get it under control. I believe the Police Records Management System will also speed up the over all process and improve the accuracy of the crime statistics.

New Garden website - Dunwoody Community Garden at Brook Run

Here are a few up coming events that I wish I could attend, but I may not be able to make them all.

Thur Aug 6th - Dunwoody Zoning Board Appeals - 7 pm
Sat Aug 8th - Dunwoody Elem Dedication & Tour - 11 am
Sun Aug 9th - Dunwoody Homeowners Meeting - 7:30 pm
Mon Aug 10th - Dunwoody City Council - 7 pm
Thur Aug 13th - Dunwoody Community Council - 7 pm
Mon Aug 17th - Dunwoody City Hall and Police Open House - 4 to 7 pm
Wed Sept 2nd - DCCK Parent Council Meeting @ Dunwoody HS - 9:15 am with Dr. Crawford Lewis speaking. Notes of end of year speech.

I found a new Dunwoody related blog (or should I say it found me), a daddy named Gil cracked me up with two examples of DeKalb County efficiency that I would like to share, the first is the library fine and second is the DeKalb County Marriage License sign.

Enjoy the last week of Summer.

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