Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Audio from Sep 28th - Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Agenda and full documents

Start of Meeting & Proclamation

Public Comment

09282009_Audio_003.mp3 Passed
Budget Policy, Audit Committee, Alcohol Denial procedures
Consent Agenda - Financial Software & traffic ordinance

09282009_Audio_004.mp3 Passed
Dunwoody Overlay

09282009_Audio_005.mp3 Discussed
Zoning change timing - ZBA more then 15 days needed

09282009_Audio_006.mp3 AED's
Thank you Bob Lundsten and to everyone who donated.

09282009_Audio_007.mp3 Passed
Building Permit fees

09282009_Audio_008.mp3 Passed with huge changes
Traffic Calming - back to original DeKalb method, no resident install fee.

09282009_Audio_009.mp3 Passed
Purchasing & Pond extension (5 additional meetings)
Click here for Pond proposal - council changed from 4 to 5.

Final Public Comment

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happy said...

One thing I noticed missing from their "scope of work" is advertising the meetings. Is this Pond's responsiblity or the City's... either way it isn't being done.