Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Could Dunwoody support a true Charter School?

Rick Callihan raises a question over on the Dunwoody Talk blog that I have heard others ask before; Could Dunwoody start and sustain a viable corporate run charter school? Is in excess of $10,000 per student enough money to properly educate the students who attend?

The DeKalb County School Watch Blog discusses "Private Charters" from time to time and it just so happens that they are discussing it again this week. Check out this blog, read the comments then check out Rick's Blog to see if you want to comment yourself.

Please do me a favor, Rick gets jealous if people comment here and not on his site; so please do let the world know your opinions but post them over at the Dunwoody Talk blog. Thanks.

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Rick Callihan said...

Thanks for the plug John. My sponsor 'pays' me .5 ounces of beer per comment. At that rate it takes 32 comments to receive a 16 ounce glass of Hoegaarden beer. By the way, Mellow Mushroom has great pizza and cold beer daily.