Monday, December 21, 2009

An indoor Water Park in the Winter can't be beat for a change of pace.

In order to reintroduce my 4 yr old to a pool so that he is semi prepared for his first official swimming lesson (at Dunwoody Baptist), I gave my wife a number of prime shopping hours by herself on Sunday as I treated my three boys to the Bethesda Park Aquatic Center in Gwinnett County. The facilities are fantastic for a wide variety of children's ages. My 10 yr old loved the big slide, the 8 yr old enjoyed the river and whirlpool and my 4 yr old enjoyed the water playground made for little tikes. The indoor leisure play pool is normally open from 3 pm to 8:30 pm Monday through Thursday though they are closed for a few days starting this Thursday the 24th. Weekend hours are earlier opening at 11 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.  Check this website for full dates and times.

Where: 225 Bethesda Church Road, Lawrenceville 678-924-6334

Under 3 is $2
4 - 10 is $4
11 - 49 is $5
50 + is $2
Lockers are free but bring a few quarters to obtain the key as they don't carry much change on site. 

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Rick Callihan said...


Would you support something like this for Brook Run (once Dunwoody has ownership)?

Perhaps privately funded and operated.

John Heneghan said...

Rick, your question raises lots of questions that would need to be answered before I could say that I support something like this.

First park ownership and bond proceeds are in question and would need to be settled. Once an estimated 7 million in unspent promised bond proceeds are obtained (or a lesser amount based on an agreement) the priorities of the proceeds would be to demo the old buildings and follow some aspects of the master plan already in place, maybe the theater or other public spaces. The master plan for Brook Run as well as the plan City Parks in general would have to be conducted to see what makes sense for future development.

Today, almost all activities in Dunwoody are offered by the churches and we would have to find our niche as far as what activities makes sense for the city to offer. A public water park could be such an item that the churches do not offer but does the construction and operational expenses make sense as compared to the wishes of the citizens and the return of operating funds as compared to the charges for use.

Gwinnett County currently has two such parks in the entire county and I am guessing that operating expenses out run revenue therefore it would be hard for a small city to offer the same amenity.

As you say a privately funded and operated facility might make the most sense but numerous conversations would have to take place first in order to find out the wishes and desires of the citizens.

Sara said...

I just went to the Bethesda Water Park over the weekend and found out that they doubled their fees for non-Gwinnett County Residents. It is a great facility, but now costs twice as much. :-(

Rick Callihan said...


Once we have our own water park at Brook Run we'll TRIPLE the rate for Gwinnett folks.