Monday, January 11, 2010

A week full of Dunwoody meetings.

I am going to try and make all of these meetings this week but please don't expect me to be highly functioning for the 7:30 am Sustainable meeting.

Monday - 7 pm City Hall
City Council
Tuesday - 6 pm City Hall
Planning Commission
  • Size of text on the signs outlined in the Notice of Public Hearing
  • Membership of the Design Review Advisory Committee.
Tuesday - 7 pm   JCC
Comprehensive Land Use Discussion
Jett Ferry Area and the Tilly Mill Area
Jewish Community Center
5342 Tilly Mill Road
Main Building, Brill Activity Rooms #180 & 182
From the main entrance, make a left,down the hall on the left.
Thursday - 7:30 am  City Hall
Sustainability Commission
Thursday - 7 pm   City Hall
Community Council
  • Raising Backyard Chickens in Single Family Residence Districts.
  • Mission Statement, By-laws and/or Official Procedures, and Code of Ethics standard

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