Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AJC states "Atlanta's safest neighborhood is located in Dunwoody"

Atlanta's safest neighborhood located in Dunwoody
Unfortunately this location is just a few blocks away, over the border in Sandy Springs.

America Online recently ranked the safest neighborhoods in the country's 50 biggest cities. One problem: Atlanta's safest community, Spalding Drive and Jett Ferry Road, isn't in Atlanta.  It's just north of the city, in newly incorporated Dunwoody. Nitpicking, perhaps, but would Spalding/Jett Ferry even rate as Dunwoody's safest neighborhood?

Regardless, these rankings reaffirm that safety doesn't come cheap.
The median house value in Spalding/Jett Ferry is $773,081, according to Neighborhood Scout. The "urban sophisticates" who call the Dunwoody neighborhood home tend to be executives, with more than 72 percent having earned at least an undergraduate degree.

AOL's personal finance site, Wallet Pop, reports that Spalding/Jett Ferry residents have only a one in 435 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Nice odds, though if you really want to be safe move to Chicago's  Bedford Park community, where only one out of 1,000 residents are likely to be touched by crime. Conversely, the odds are one out of 57 in The Strand/Casino Way, Detroit's "safest neighborhood."

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