Monday, February 22, 2010

Dunwoody seeks bidders on Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

The City has released the RFP for the Comprehensive Transportation Plan and it will only be with citizen input that this process creates a strategy for funding future capital infrastructure improvements wanted by the citizens therefore I recommend that residents need to be involved and vocal about exactly what they want.  The plan will do the following ...

Inventory and Plan Development
  • Inventory existing conditions including roads, bicycle facilities, pedestrian facilities, transportation services, development policies related to transportation and transportation demand management policies or programs.
  • Develop plans and recommendations for bicycles, pedestrians and other alternative forms of transportation.
  • Develop a prioritized list of transportation projects with estimated costs and recommended funding sources.
  • Produce deliverables including GIS data files and mapping printed at 24” x 36” to summarize existing conditions and show future improvements. Specific maps should include at a minimum:
  • Depiction(s) of existing conditions
  • Road Improvement Plan
  • Sidewalk Improvement Plan, including ADA upgrades
  • Bicycle/ Pedestrian network plan
I guess when it is all over we should be expecting a document much like this that was created for Sandy Springs.

Prior to the City being formed, I served on the Transportation Task Force which worked at putting together a very similar document which outlined the basic needs of the city. For those working on this project, here is most of what we came up with other documents located in the Task Force link above.
Transportation Service Analysis Dunwoody Final.doc
Map of Dunwoody tied to Plat Maps
City-of-Dunwoody-Pavement-Evaluation (Jan 2010)

I hope the company who wins this project will listen to the residents while also visiting and documenting the conditions on their own to backup and validate the statements of the residents.  Many streets in Dunwoody need sidewalks but my little culdesac isn't Valley View or Happy Hollow where the need is much greater, therefore they shouldn't be ranked the same.  Please be vocal on where your future Dunwoody tax dollars should be spent.  Thanks.

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Joe Seconder said...

The Bike/Ped component should be much more than identifying a network of routes. It should be a comprehensive plan that encompasses: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Evaluation & Planning and Enforcement. For more info, see