Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My nightly reading - most of which is Dunwoody related in some way.

The Global Debt Bomb - Georgia ranks 21st.

MARTA to slash a quarter of service and other perspectives on Marta funding for DeKalb & Fulton.

Georgia Perimeter: Program cuts, furloughs, restrictions on courses and larger classes

Colleges outline massive cuts to help balance state budget with UGA proposing to slash 1,418 jobs

Mandatory online disclosures.  I think Dunwoody may need to correct this and I am making inquiries.

The Board Meeting at Peachtree MS and the Budget

Kudos to Maria Saporta and her other colleagues. I appreciate your work and maybe you can offer Peter Parker the photographer over at the Daily Bugle a part time gig?

Mommy & Me, GA Aquarium deal extended until March 19th but you can use the tickets until Dec 31.

Bike-lane project moving forward in Decatur

Kudos to Rep Mike Jacobs who is blogging and participating in social media quite a bit more these days.  He even cut his own video for Youtube on lowering your real estate taxes (deadline just passed) and I enjoyed the locked in piece done by Doug Richards.  (Here's Doug's back story on the piece.)

Speaking of Mr. Richards, Doug is a TV newsman who analyzes the craft of TV news here in Atlanta on his Live Apartment Fire blog and therefore it is a daily read of mine.  There were two DeKalb news stories that he covered recently both equally interesting in their own right, Transparency and Disinformation Officer Check them out.

I've also had a few people mention they were surprised by the various ways to read and share my blog with others.  Below are a few you may not be aware of.

Available via Facebook  or   Subscribe to Heneghans Dunwoody Blog by Email

Another tidbit of information based on comment I received, my e-mail subscriptions goes out around 11 am therefore I sometimes write a post in advance and schedule it to go live at some time in the future after that cutoff so that the post has maximum screen time and yet is also in the que the next day when I really want a majority of the people to read it.  I guess what I'm saying is don't believe the time stamp since I can manipulate it as I see fit; just like this (and many of my blog posts) show they were published at 12:01 am when in reality they were not.


Dunwoody Mom said...

I had no idea Maria Saporta had started a website. It's excellent, it is bookmarked and thanks to John for bringing it to you attention.

Aleister Crowley said...

From your blog:

"...and yet is also in the que the next day when I really want a majority of the people to read it."

Just an FYI, the word you were looking for is spelled "queue"; "que" means "than" in Spanish or if you accent the "e" it translates to "what".

Platos Republic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aleister Crowley said...

Plato, aside from the fact that you have described all but one of my traits, it really takes a small minded person to ridicule my name (i.e. Aleister Crowley) that was bestowed upon me by my parents, no matter what their English Mary Wollstonecraft enlightenment noggins were thinking at that time, but they did borne me in the United States, and they did teach me that I owed their adopted country my service, and life if need be. So, as a young man I volunteered instead of waiting to be drafted.

Therefore, I believe that I earned the right to voice my opinion with my baptismal endowed name in the country which I was born and guarantees the right of free speech.

Additionally, "Platos Republic" if you are the type of person that goes around finding fault in others just because of their name, I would suggest you do a little historical investigation of your own hero, as I'm thinking you might not embrace everything that the libertine Plato indulged in ancient Greek times and might find yourself wanting a new blogging alias.

Platos Republic said...
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Aleister Crowley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aleister Crowley said...

Plato, you are as insincere as you are pompous. I would venture to say that if you asked 99% of the world's population, they'd feel that what you wrote below was a cut.

"According to wikipedia, Crowley was a hedonist, bisexual, recreational drug experimenter and social critic."

So, although I might be guilty of most of these traits, I don't see where making the entire readership of this good man's blog (which must be in the millions) aware of my namesake's activities is a compliment to me.

After one of your entries, should I just come out of the blue and list all of Plato's licentious behaviors without rhyme or reason as to my intent? Perhaps you might not mind, but the difference here is that Aleister Crowley is my real name.

And FYI, my parents always felt that the term "limey" was as derisive of an ethnic slur as they come.

Platos Republic said...
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Steve Barton said...

Flame war in Heneghan's comment section?! Party on, dudes. Hmmm, now one dude's name has disappeared.

John, let me tell you about a possibly unintended consequence of your blog posting regime. I follow you on Twitter. For several Dunwoody tweeters (especially the DPD!), I have the tweets sent to my cell phone. Most of your tweets are links to your blog posts, so if I am up late my phone starts buzzing between midnight and 1am like you are one furious late-night typist.

Now I know why!