Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Video of March 8th Dunwoody City Council Work Session

Last nights work session meeting ran long to almost 11 pm with a short executive session.  The initial video timed out after 3 hours therefore I had to start a second video session for the last 20 minutes.  We followed the agenda but public comment lasted about 30 minutes and Councilman Ross added an agenda item on three new proposed bike routes through the city.  Besides talking about backyard chickens, we covered the important  topics of emergency medical services, a five year repaving plan, economic development and proposed a multi-family code compliance sweep.



John Heneghan said...

The videos recorded on Monday night have stopped working since the service USTREAM is having server problems but they are aware and working on the issue.

Please check out the Crier and Rick Callihan's blog for a meeting recap and if the videos come back to life I will update this comment.



John Heneghan said...

Dunwoody residents sound off on chickens by Tom Spigolon of the Dunwoody Neighbor


John Heneghan said...

In case your interested, the videos shown in the post appear to have been revived.