Friday, May 28, 2010

The Save our Skin 5K on Saturday will be an opportunity to provide a learning lesson to my boys.

Last year I was invited to help cut the ribbon of the SCAN Foundation's Save our Skin 5K race being held in Dunwoody (near Shanes Rib Shack close to Super Target) but due to some family event I was unable to attend.  The event raised awareness about skin cancer, raised a little money and even provided free skin cancer screenings on site.  I'm very sorry I missed that event because last Monday I had a skin cancer lesion cut off my neck and if I had been screened maybe it would have been found a little earlier?

My dermatologist at Dunwoody Dermatology said that my very fair skin has had quite a bit of sun damage and that I will need to be extra vigilant about staying out of the sun without proper protection and then have annual skin examinations to check for changes.  We discussed the fact that there was very little sun screen when I was a boy and how I would literally blister in the sun without protection, except for a white t-shirt that I would wear in the neighborhood pool.

The Doc saw pictures of my three boys, including the four year old mini-me with red hair and freckles and we talked about keeping them safe, therefore this Saturday morning the entire family including the three fair skinned little boys will be attending this years Save our Skin 5K event taking place in the same Perimeter Place shopping center as last year.

Maybe we will see you there?
Save our Skin 5k Run / Walk
Saturday May 29th (7 am registration - 8 am race)
Registration allowed on race day

Perimeter Place – Atlanta , GA – May 29, 2010 The SCAN Foundation (Skin Cancer Awareness Network) was founded by melanoma cancer survivor, Marilyn Fry. This 4th annual event highlights the SCAN Foundation's education and community awareness programs teaching others that deadly skin cancers can be prevented. Sun exposure must be measured, but this does NOT mean total avoidance of the sun. Learn easy, affordable, and life-saving measures you and your family may implement for full enjoyment of the sun. This is a great family event for young and old. Infants in strollers are welcome.

Proceeds: Support community outreach programs to help educate the public about safe exposure and fun in the sun. In addition, SCAN funds unrestricted scholarship grants for young medical professionals and other skin cancer organizations providing information and support for people with skin cancer.

The SCAN Foundation awarded its first medical research grant to the Emory University Winship Cancer Center's CancerQuest Program. CancerQuest is designed to empower cancer patients, cancer survivors, students, healthcare workers and others with a better understanding of the disease process and current approaches to cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

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