Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cinemoms - Atlanta's premier membership club for Moms with school aged children.

CineMoms started as a movie club for moms, but now it's become so much more!! CineMoms is now a membership club for moms with school-aged children in the Atlanta area (pre-school – high school). Once you join CineMoms, you will receive a member card which will instantly allow you to receive deals at retailers, museums and entertainment venues located all around the city.  Simply look at our list of partners and deals (we're adding new ones all the time) and present your card upon purchase. It’s that easy! As a membership benefit, moms also get free movie, concert, theater and arena tickets throughout the year along with discounted entry into CineMoms' events. Some events are just for moms, others are for the whole family! At the mom-only events, you will have a chance to meet and socialize with other moms from around the metro Atlanta area. Our mission is to offer fun and affordable opportunities to moms and their families during these tough economic times!  Check out the site above or Fox5 interview for more information

(FYI:  Kristin & the boys saw a sneak preview of Toy Story 3 a week in advance thanks to my wife being a member of Cinemoms, therefore I can speak from experience that this is definitely worth checking out.)

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