Tuesday, June 15, 2010

City takes over responsibility of parks on Monday Jun 21st and other recent tidbits of information.

 Brook Run Park, (Playground, Skate Park & Theater)

The City of Dunwoody is excited to announce the official turnover of Dunwoody parks from DeKalb County on Monday June 21st and will be holding a park tour to discuss the future for the properties. Click for details.

AJC reports Dunwoody OKs blueprint for its future.  Two years into its existence, Dunwoody has an outline of the city it wants to become.

Newsweek names Dunwoody High School one the best in the nation (#775) at providing Advanced Placement courses.

Fellow blogger Rick Callihan was busy updating his Dunwoody Talk blog with the usual humorous spin on Dunwoody City Council meetings. He posted a second recap of Mondays meeting discussing Signs, the new Parks Director & a proposed amendment to the City's alcohol ordinance. He also posted two serious pieces, one on the CRCT test scores at Dunwoody Elementary and another on the possible tax increase that Dunwoody residents may have to pay to secure the redevelopment of the Doraville GM Plant as well as a rebuttal from DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis. The Crier also had a good story on the same issue.

It appears that Rick's CRCT story line might have been started by Dunwoody Mom over at the Dunwoody School Daze blog, whom I thoroughly enjoy reading. Sticking with an Education angle, the Crier reports that Lynn Deutsch is considering a run for the DeKalb County School Board though she is still weighing her options. Former DeKalb County School Board member, Brad Bryant may be picked to replace Kathy Cox as the State School Chief and that could be very good news in cleaning up the issues in DeKalb.

The Brook Run Dog Park Association, currently named Just a Walk in the Park, just updated their website address to correlate with a possible association name change.  In reviewing their website, I saw that they are worried about Brook Run being transferred to Dunwoody.  I recently talked to Laine Sweezey, the President of the organization and informed her that I believed that the Dog Park and the Community Garden are now mainstays of the park and the City of Dunwoody will be fostering relationships with both.  In fact I believe the City has already scheduled meetings with the various park organizations to improve the relationships.

Volunteers are needed for the 5th of July parade, please email Stacy Harris at Staceyharris70@hotmail.com to get further details.  There is only one short pre-planning meeting on Sunday June 27th at 4:00 pm at Dunwoody United Methodist Church and you will be given a newly designed parade t-shirt as well as a coveted parade marshal whistle!!!  For those only interested in getting the t-shirt, hurry up and buy yours at Dunwoodytshirts.com because the deadline is this Friday and also be sure to check out their photo contest as well.

One final item, be careful on the shoulders of 285 because almost all of the storm drain covers on the highway are missing.  Check out this video, featuring my friend and Dunwoody resident Ray Egan that was filmed at Chamblee Dunwoody & 285. 


Dunwoody Mom said...

Yea!! So, does that mean the removal of those unsightly county trucks visible from the Peeler Road entrance to the park? Also, I have heard "rumors" of the Lianne Levetan part of Brook Run may be removed. Any truth to that?

Rick said...

I think the city gave DeKalb six months to vacate (the public works trucks) the Brook Run property.

Dunwoody Mom said...

If Lynn decides not to run for BOE, she would be an ideal replacement for Brad Bryant's position on the State BOE since he has been appointed interim State School Superintendent.

Chip said...

On the storm drain issue, I'm sure GDOT could get some reinforced fiberglass covers specially made that have NO salvage value, and would have sufficient strength for the occasional vehicle crossing over them.

Bob said...

Is there any discussion over the renaming of the Park ( Brooke Run ) or is the City jgoing to do exactly what Vernon did and renamine it because they can?

John Heneghan said...

I wonder if the problems identified with the Build America Bonds which provides a 35% discount are even worse in the Recovery Zone Bonds that give a 45% discount?

New York Times - Stimulus Bond Program Has Unforeseen Costs

Unsure but it is worth a read.