Friday, June 25, 2010

Listen to the Candidates running for the Dunwoody area GA House and Senate Seats.

Thursday night I attended the Ashford Alliance candidate forum whereby each candidate spoke for 5 minutes.  The crowd was intimate but the information gained on each of the people at the head table was very worthwhile.   I of course audio recorded the 5 min stump speeches and present them to you here for your listening pleasure.  As a very thankful friend once said, "John you attend the meetings so I don't have to" and that being the case, I am happy to bring this event to you.

None of the candidates used the mic therefore I would recommend turning up the volume of the speakers if you are able to do so.  Apologies to Eric Christ as his audio link includes a few minute introduction of the event.   Enjoy.
Senate District 40
Eric Christ
Jim Duffie
Fran Millar - Bev Wingate representing
James Sibold

House District 79
Tammy Anderson
Keith Kaylor - No show
Tom Taylor
House District 80
Keith Gross - No Show
Mike Jacobs - Letter read to crowd.
Sandy Murray- Friend representing.
House District 81
Jill Chambers
Elena Parent

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kbg said...

Thank you for posting these -- you do a great job keeping us informed --