Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do you need a couch to go away or know someone who's a Hoarder, call Dunwoody's Just Trash It for assistance.

The other night my wife forced me to sit though a show called Hoarders about people who never throw away or discard anything.  It was gross and these people needed to get some professional help.  If this ever happens to the person I'm living with who actually likes this type of TV show, I now know who I am calling.

Today I heard the Atlanta Business Radio show where the guests were Kevin Copeland and Andy Greider from JustTrashIt. They are a 13 year old locally owned and operated junk removal business from Dunwoody that serves commercial and residential needs. They shared stories about helping home owners associations, apartment complexes as well as commercial real estate firms with their trash removal and recycling. To learn more please go to their website and see for yourself why they are the highest rated junk removal business on

Interested in the subject of trash, recycling, hording or just hearing about a local business, listen to the interview

PS: Thank you, Just Trash It for working the Dunwoody 4th of July parade and the upcoming Dunwoody Music Festival.  Your service to the community has been outstanding.  Thank you.

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