Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Constitution Day - September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

The signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787 by the Founding Fathers is one of the most important and influential events in American history, establishing the many rights and freedoms we enjoy today. On Friday September 17, 2010 the nation will observe and celebrate the 223nd anniversary of this remarkable day in our history.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the United States. Empowered with the sovereign authority of the people by the framers and the consent of the Legislatures of the States, it is the source of all government powers and also provides limitations on the government that protects the fundamental rights of United States citizens. Today, it is one of the most influential legal documents in existence. Since its creation, over one hundred countries around the world have used it as a model for their own. It is a document that upholds high ideals, while answering the most practical questions of governance.

And it is a living document. It is one of the world’s oldest surviving constitutions. Great people have spent their lives studying and interpreting the Constitution. And while the Supreme Court continually interprets the constitution so as to reflect a rapidly changing world, its basic tenets have remained virtually unchanged and unchallenged since its inception. It remains a beacon of democracy, tolerance, justice, freedom and liberty for citizens of America and people around the world.

To celebrate the signing of the Constitution, the Congress, by joint resolution has designated September 17th as Citizenship Day and in such it requires all schools receiving public funds to hold educational programs on the United States Constitution.

At each DeKalb school today your child should receive instruction concerning this historic document. For those of you home-schooling or trying to help junior pass the bar, the links below will prove to be excellent resources for instruction on this topic.

Teacher Resources

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