Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recap of Sunday's Dunwoody Homeowners Association Meeting.

Future Georgetown Kroger?
Sunday nights Dunwoody Homeowners Association meeting was one of the shortest on record but interesting none the less.  It appears that the Georgetown Kroger (where I shop regularly) is about to get a complete face lift both inside and out as well as a nice size expansion.  I saw this information on Bob Fiscella's blog a week ago and tonight I saw the site drawing whereby the new Kroger would expand from 48,000 sq ft to 70,000 sq ft into where the current Tuesday Morning store is located. 

I heard about the plans for the DHA Candidate Forum on October 26th and the Light Up Dunwoody celebration on November 21st.

Another of the reasons I actually enjoy attending the DHA meeting is because at one time or another almost every candidate running for office stops by to do his or her three minute stump speech.  At the end of the DHA meetings, non-board members (like me) get kicked out for internal board discussion, so I am able to talk and ask questions of the candidates in the hallway. 

Tonight we had Mr. Eric Christ who is running against Fran Millar in the District 40 State Senate seat and has been a regular attendee to the DHA meetings in the last six months.  Eric's family lives in the Peachtree Corners part of the district but has a number of Dunwoody connections including being a parishioner at All Saints Catholic Church.

Dunwoody North resident and candidate for the DeKalb Superior Court Judge, Mr. Michael Rothenberg (who is no stranger to this blog) was there as he has attended in the past.  Michael is a neighbor with a daughter who attends the same DeKalb County school as one of my boys, so we had a nice discussion and it was great to see him.  His county wide race is a difficult one and Michael would like Dunwoody residents to get to know him and what he stands for before the November election.

Finally a candidate that I have not met before but impressed me immensely this evening was Mr. Robert James, the DeKalb County Solicitor General who stepped down from that position to run in a nonpartisan special election for the DeKalb County District Attorney position vacated by Gwen Keys-Fleming.  Robert and I discussed the need for the DeKalb District Attorney to take positive action in DeKalb without basing actions on being politically correct or being unduly influenced by those in authority around him.  I listened to him answer other questions in the hall and liked what I heard.  Since you may not have read about this Special Election for District Attorney between Robert James & Constance Pinson Heard, I thought I would bring it to your attention as it will be on the Nov 2nd ballot.  I couldn't find a campaign website on Ms. Heard but here is a newspaper article describing both candidates.  If Ms. Heard would like me to post a link to her website, I would be happy to do so.

Mr. Robert James
Candidate for DeKalb DA
Today is the last day to register to vote, if there anyone in your family that needs to do so, please do.

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