Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pebble Tossers Inc. has hundreds of fun service projects for children - yes even babysitting bunnies.

Did you ever think giving could be...

Laffy & Chrystal

Got an animal-lover or future vet in your house? Share some bunny love! Consider volunteering or fostering a bunny at the North Fulton House Rabbit Society. Yes, cute little bunnies can even be a meaningful part of your child's or teen's spiritual celebrations this spring by volunteering to help protect and care for these sweet creatures!

Much like dog or cat shelters, The House Rabbit Society saves and finds homes for thousands of bunnies every year who are unwanted, mistreated or injured. They need volunteers to help feed, exercise, pet, and care for the bunnies, work in the "Hop Shop", and keep the shelter grounds tidy.

Considering a new pet? You can foster a bunny (or two!) for 3-6 months for free, which includes a crate and other bunny-care necessities. You just supply plenty of love and fresh veggies!

More info on opportunities with the House Rabbit Society of North GA are listed at . Warning -- once your children visit their website, they'll be dying to go -- ours were! Just went last week!

Jeni Stephens & Jen Guynn
Co-Founders, Pebble Tossers Inc.
Pebble Tossers is a Dunwoody based non-profit organization serving the Atlanta Metro Area. The Pebble Tossers mission is to ignite a passion for volunteerism in children by matching their talents, abilities and interests with the needs of their community.

Philosophy: As a tossed pebble can create expansive ripples of water, a child's act of service can create ripples of giving that span their community and lifetime. The key is letting the child choose their own "pebble".

As a child, what did you love to do most? Were you a Puddle Jumper? A Block Builder? A Doll Dresser? What excited you?

Pebble Tossers believes the way to engage kids in volunteer activities is to match the things they are good at or like to do with real world needs. A Puddle Jumper can pick up trash from a local creek. A Block Builder can stack jars at a food pantry. A Doll Dresser can collect outgrown baby clothes from neighbors to donate to a shelter.

Allow your children to start their own ripple of giving, register today.