Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dunwoody High School Band is looking for a little support.

The Dunwoody High School Band NEEDS YOU!!! We’re really experiencing growing pains and we need so many new instruments just to keep up with our increasing demand. Some of these instruments are very expensive. Most of our school owned instruments date back to 1972, when the school was founded, and need to be retired. Here’s where you come in….

As a member of the community, we look to you for our survival. That’s why we started the “Just $50 from 1000!” program to raise $50,000.00. We want to raise a large amount of money by asking for many small donations. It’s a large request but we really only ask for a few things. First, please make a donation (we graciously accept donations of any amount, large or small) by visiting us on the web at, check us out on Facebook, or on your cell phone by texting “Band” to 99699.

Second, help us spread the word to people you know through websites, blogs, mail, and most importantly, word of mouth. Lastly, keep supporting Music Education in the Dunwoody Cluster, financially, logistically and by attending the wonderful concerts that our bands, orchestras and choirs give every year. The more that people know about our cause, the more we can succeed. You are our main source of advertisement and we need you to help us spread the word.

Each contribution of just $50 can go so far and do so much…like buy new instruments and equipment, improve our facilities, or provide music lessons for students who can’t afford it.

So please support the Dunwoody High School Band. With you, we can grow to new heights and succeed in so many ways.

William W. Henderson
Director of Bands
Dunwoody High School

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