Friday, April 29, 2011

State of the Municipal Court of Dunwoody given by Judge J. Antonio DelCampo

Judge Tony DelCampo

In the Municipal Court of Dunwoody we handle all traffic citations and ordinances within the boundaries of the city limits of Dunwoody, Georgia. We held our first court session on February 25, 2009 in the South Terraces.

In 2009 the Court held 53 court sessions, 8723 citations were filed with the court and 628 defendants were placed on probation. Of those probationers, 3556 hours of community service hours were completed. The Court’s revenue for 2009 was $645,901.

In 2010 the Court held 90 court sessions, 7469 citations were filed with the court and 1171 defendants were placed on probation. Of those probationers, 17,833 hours of community service were completed. The Court’s revenue for 2010 was $1,143,548, with a budget of approximately $325,000.

Dunwoody Municipal Court is held twice a week on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings, with either Judge Rick Powell or me. We also have Judge Timothy Wolfe, Pro Hac Judge, and formerly we had Sherry Boston, now Solicitor General for DeKalb County.

We are assisted by our Solicitor’s Office, which includes our City Attorney, Brian Anderson, as well as Don Henderson and LaTonya Hayes. Our Clerk of Court, Trina Gallien, is assisted by Deputy Clerks Melissa Thomas and Janieux Irving.

Our court is transitioning to a paperless court system. We are able to access the citations, reports, and sentencing forms electronically. My signature is my secured fingerprint.

We have a private probation provider, Sentinel Offender Services, which is at no cost to the City. The program is offender paid, with probation required for certain types of cases such as DUI. DUI cases require community service, alcohol and drug evaluations, risk reduction and one year supervised probation.

In 2009 Sentinel Offender Services had approximately a 47% successful completion rate; 628 probationers, with 297 successfully completing the program. In 2010 they had approximately an 83% successful completion rate; 1171 probationers, with 975 successfully completing the program. In 2009 probationers were not placed on probation long enough to complete the program, opposed to 2010. You need more time to complete all conditions including paying fines to avoid expiration of the case.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our bailiffs who volunteer their time to the Court. They are: Larry Echikson, Jim Beattie, Ron Silvers, Jim Sturgis, Stan Bernstein, and Chris Doyle and they are all residents of the City of Dunwoody. To them, a huge thank you. They are the face of your Municipal Court, serving their community.

We have a great Municipal Court. We are efficient and treat people with respect. The court process is a swift and efficient process. People are treated fairly and they are being heard and we strive to create that here in the City of Dunwoody.

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maui said...

Dr Judge Tony DelCampo
What would you do if I could show you that all the speeding tickets issued by the Dunwoody Police have been issued illegally and when any Dunwoody police officer is in court defending the use of Radar or Lidar he makes false statements under oath?
Does it service the good people of Dunwoody to have a police force that is willing to break the law in the name of justice?
This a 5.5 million dollar police force that replaced a 375,000 police force. When I thnik of the money wasted I defently don’t feel respeced when it comes to the police force.