Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dunwoody Accounting Manager Position Available

Exciting career opportunity with the City of Dunwoody.

We invite you to learn more about this dynamic position and become the newest member of our Finance Team.

Official Job Announcement - Link
The City functions under the governance of a City Council and the management of a City Manager. The City provides municipal services to its citizens and businesses in a unique and progressive manner through a partnership with private firms. From the initial incorporation, the City has operated as a public-private partnership (PPP), with the vast majority of City staff employed by private companies. The City has determined that the PPP model adds value and flexibility, promotes competition, builds accountability, and provides the highest level of customer service to the citizens of the City. The position of Accounting Manager is an employee of one of our valued PPP firms.

About the Job
The Accounting Manager assists the Finance Director in administering the financial affairs of the City. This position is the City’s principal source of knowledge and expertise on the proper application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and for implementing new accounting pronouncements and standards. This position performs highly responsible professional work through strategic short-term and long-term planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of the accounting and control, financial reporting, and accounting operations sections of the Department of Finance, including oversight of the City’s payroll, accounts payable, and revenue collection functions. The Accounting Manager is responsible for the integrity of the financial information system as it relates to accounting and control, internal financial reports, and the City’s comprehensive annual financial report. Assignments are performed with considerable independence, requiring the exercise of discretion, sound judgment, initiative, and responsibility. Performance requires a significant cooperative effort with the Budget and Revenue Divisions. Work is reviewed by the Finance Director through conferences, observation, and analysis of results, reports, and recommendations.

Specific responsibilities of the Accounting Manager include the following:
• Manages the accounting activities of the municipality, ensuring all disbursements are in accordance with established statutes, laws and ordinances.
• Assists the Finance Director with developing associated policy and procedure to ensure that Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are maintained and followed.
• Prepares and analyzes monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements, interprets applicable accounting pronouncements and initiates appropriate changes, including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
• Meets with department heads and reviews preliminary budgets prior to developing the final City budget.
• Assists departments throughout the year in managing budgetary thresholds.
• Reviews expenses versus budget and reports on variances to Finance Director.
• Prepares budget amendments as necessary and provides to Finance Director for review.
• Collects statistical information and presents as necessary.
• Prepares account analyses as required to evaluate departmental performance and efficiency.
• Coordinates the fiscal year-end audit performed by external auditors.
• Acts upon auditors recommendations and ensures that the City has made necessary changes to policy, procedure or practice based upon the recommendation of the auditor.
• Prepares and reviews journal entries, direct pays and wire transfers.
• Supervises the accounts payable function and ensures that money disbursed is in accordance with approved invoices, or contractual agreements.
• Works with departments to create estimates for capital improvement projects.
• Creates models for financial forecasting and projects revenue requirements based on expense levels and anticipated increases.
• Assists in the review, development and/or implementation of effective financial procedures and provide guidelines to achieve objectives of the overall financial operation
• Provides guidance and minimal supervision of finance department staff

What Dunwoody Looks for in Candidates
Required Education and Experience
Dunwoody will only hire an experienced accounting professional with a high degree of technical knowledge of government accounting principles and practices. Candidates must have graduated from an accredited four year college or university with a degree in Accounting, Business, Finance or a related field. Considerable coursework in accounting since graduation is preferred and should be presented. Certification as a Public Accountant is preferred, but not required. At least five years government accounting experience is required. Private sector experience as a governmental auditor may substitute for governmental accounting experience.

Further Description of Experience, Knowledge Skills & Abilities Sought
Government GAAP research skills are imperative. Because of our public-private partnerships and progressive staffing structure, Dunwoody’s Accounting Manager should have experience and a track record of getting the work done with fewer resources. The job requires someone with the ability to address inefficiencies in the operation. Experience with Tyler’s Incode ERP system is a plus. Strict adherence to deadlines and the accuracy of your work with little supervision is imperative. The Accounting Manager must have or quickly develop knowledge of the legal requirements governing the financial operation of a city, skills in planning and organizing, skills in managing and ensuring workflow meets required deadlines, ability to maintain good working relationships, ability to analyze financial data and develop informational statements. Most importantly, our Accounting Manager must match a culture and work environment that demands nothing less than excellence and unity throughout the Dunwoody organization.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying for this outstanding professional opportunity, please send a resume, salary requirements and a cover letter electronically as soon as possible to The position is open until filled. Resumes will be screened against the qualifications outlined in this brochure as they are received and interviews conducted with the most qualified candidates by JAT Consulting Services. Candidates that make it through the initial review will interview with the Finance Director and will be required to fill out a formal application and submit information to complete a background investigation, including reference checks, and a check of criminal, credit, court and driving records. To learn more about JAT Consulting Services, please visit

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