Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Election Day in Dunwoody - every vote is needed!

Results should be streaming in around 8 pm.


Jack B. Nimble said...

Just finished voting. Austin district seemed pretty busy, but no wait. Volunteers pleasant and efficient, as always.

GaryRayBetz said...

It will be a shame if once again only 36.18% of the registered voters in Dunwoody cast a vote in this election, when Iraqis braved assassination and maiming for the right to vote.

I recall back in Chicago, my father thought that voting was such a precious privilege he would put on his church suit then soberly and respectfully head to his polling place.

But, of course, with it being Chicago, he would change his suit many times during the course of the day before heading back to the voters' queue.

Through the years, I tried to convey to my children the veneration with which their disconsolate grandfather had nailed a portrait of John F. Kennedy on his parlor wall, and one of the reasons Gramps so proudly wore his USN aircraft carrier plank-owner cap was because he knew he had fought for his grand-children's right to vote; however, all but one of them rejoined, "I guess that also means that Gramps fought for our right not to vote."

So, I'm just hoping that Dunwoody has a higher turn-out at the polls today than my own family.

Joe Seconder said...

Let's take the high road and stick with some "standalone" positive thoughts on why you should vote for Bob Dallas as the next Mayor for Dunwoody.

Endorsed by the likes of Gov Purdue, Lt. Gov. Cagle, Elaine Boyer (the sole Republican on the DeKalb County Commission).

In many ways, local elections are more significant than national elections. You can see the impact right around your corner instead of the hyperbole reserved for talking heads giving endless commentary and debate within the national forum. I spent 22 years in the military, retiring as a Major in the Army Reserve. During my last deployment I spent the majority of 2003 in the Middle East on active duty. My job was to conduct daily briefings to the Deputy Commanding General in charge of US Army forces during the invasion of Iraq, supervising a staff of subject matter experts. Before you stand up and say something to a General during combat, you better have your facts straight. The Army uses a proven method of decision making, gathering information, weighing criteria and presenting courses of action for recommendation. In my decision on who I will vote for in Dunwoody, I follow a similar process and encourage you to consider the same.

Criteria #1: Proven track record in being active in local community AND in the city government activities since incorporation. We’ve already had three years of “start up” and on-the-job training. Let’s continue moving forward without a pause.

Criteria #2: Shares the same vision as the citizens of Dunwoody as documented in our approved municipal plans. Comprehends and believes in its contents. Through myriad public meetings, these plans reflect our values and positions on: Land Use, Dunwoody Village, Georgetown, Parks and Transportation. Our current council has done an excellent job of soliciting feedback and allowing us to be heard and that is reflected in the approved plans. We’ve established our founding documents. Let’s follow them.

Criteria #3: Proven ability to collaborate at all levels. The mayor and council all share an equal vote on binding decisions and need to work well together. They must be able to work with inter-governmental, community organizations, businesses and individuals to make plans come to fruition in a timely and cost-effective fashion. They need to seek advice, be respectful of others and be able to bring in the best people to make the best plan.

Criteria#4: Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability. Pick a topic and ask yourself, “Can this activity go on forever?” or “Does an activity have a negative effect on others?” We need leaders who can look forward to the future, think out of the box and deliver solutions. Look on YouTube for “Dunwoody Sustainability” and view the candidate forum and you’ll find stark contrasts.

Criteria #5: Pride. We’ve all been to other places and have liked what we have seen there. Each week, our neighbors travel the world and post photos showing where they have been on vacation. When you bring friends or family to visit Dunwoody, what photos are they taking in your neighborhood that they could send back to their hometown to proudly show off? We’re more than an isolated bedroom community. We’re “On the Perimeter”, an important keystone in the region. Let’s hire those candidates who will continue to build on our first three years to make Dunwoody a showcase.

Applying the above criterion, my choice for Mayor is Bob Dallas.

Dunwoody DTOM said...

Don't count on it GRB. With the weather and the typical no interest, we will probably see much less turn out today than in the first election. Sad but true.

The only thing in your favor is you may get enough write in votes to enable you to sponsor a festive event where anyone who loses can drown his or her sorrows in a typical Irish way.

Now that may be the most fun we've had in Dunwoody for some time. And sorely needed I'd add.

GaryRayBetz said...

Thank-you Dunwoody DTOM, but unfortunately in a run-off they won't allow you to write-in.

Consequently, I gathered my supporters (i.e. four winos that I have bought drinks for in the past at local taverns) and released them to vote for Bob Dallas and Robert Wittenstein.

Getting them to cast their votes for Bob Dallas was easy as they are all Cowboy fans; however, with Robert, I had to convince them that Wittenstein translates to "wheat beer".

Dunwoody DTOM said...

A very wise plan. I'm sure those winos have a fondness for wheat beer. You could also tell them the beer comes in a Witten Stein. But they would probably catch on to that quite readily.

Really disappointing though that we are limited on writing you in. Perhaps the next election will see an upsurge in votes for you. Does this turn of events mean that we should not expect some festivities to just celebrate at least your efforts to get out the vote?