Friday, December 16, 2011

Three year video retrospective on the City of Dunwoody and other various tidbits of interest.


Three Teens Arrested for Alleged Home Burglary in Dunwoody North

Part 1 Crime in Dunwoody is down 3.6% through November 2011.

Dunwoody police blotter — reports through Dec. 2

Dunwoody murder suspect faces wife in court

Congrats to another successful Christmas for Kids event. Thank you to all involved.

DeKalb Politics

DeKalb budget calls for departments to maintain 2011 levels   

For Some Reason We Don't Believe Him, Or Any Of The Commissioners

DeKalb agrees to small business funding program

Burrell Ellis gives someone yet another reason to support a City of Brookhaven

Residents debating the boundaries of a possible city of Brookhaven

Group forms to oppose Brookhaven city

Residents to lawmakers: No more cities

Congrats to Vanderlyn Elementary School, 2011 School of Excellence

SPOLST Construction - Dunwoody Chamblee Parent Council Meeting

Chesnut Changing Children’s Culture, Choices

PCMS Academic Quiz Bowl Takes 1st Place!!

Dunwoody High School Quiz Bowl Team Advances with Victory Over Lovett 

Dunwoody High Math Team Continues to Shine in Competition

Dunwoody Politics

Council Swearing in Ceremony - Jan 3rd, 7 pm City Hall

A Dunwoody Christmas Wish List
Davis sweeps into office, promises city hall presence 

MEET MIKE - Davis readies to take helm after election
New council gives city new direction

City Welcoming New Community Development Director

Dunwoody welcomes new guru of Financial Reports and Check Register

Options on Tilly Mill, N Peachtree & Peeler look to be going public in early Jan.

I am really enjoying the reflectors embedded in the newly paved roads and will be looking for more of these in next years paving budget.    Did anyone else notice the lights being on in the 285 underpasses?

Shade will be coming to the Brook Run Playground in the very near future and was told that the water feature was fixed and then winterized until the Spring.

Enjoy your holidays,



Colleen O'Casey said...

Anyone else not get delivered a "Dunwoody Crier" in the past few weeks? Or was I removed from their delivery route because I voiced an opinion against their advocated candidate list or my section of town didn't vote their way?

I refuse to access their e-edition or web site as I know too well what type of sophisticated tracking capabilities are out there nowadays. But I do trust the Heneghan site. John doesn't seem like an invasive type of guy.

OK, thank-you. I'll just hang up now and listen.

John Heneghan said...

Several updates.

I posted the Video Retrospective to YouTube.

Dunwoody Police arrest an armed robbery suspect after an 18 mile high speed chase.

Dunwoody Police Blotter Dec. 4-10: Cocaine Arrests, Shoplifting, Burglaries

This looks like someone had a bad night?

Kudos to the DCSS and the Arabia Mt. High School for inviting DeKalb County patrol officers over for a holiday lunch. (Sad reports of 2 food fights, 8 fights, 1 bathroom fire, 1 flooded bathroom, 20 police cars, EMT's, swat teams, etc. Kids were tasered, handcuffed and arrested.)

This afternoon I attended the City of Dunwoody holiday luncheon and awards ceremony where I heard story after story of dedicated service over and beyond the call of duty. Very proud of all our staff members and today's award winners.

Also had a two hour, very positive one on one meeting with Mayor Mike Davis.

NoLongerAWhisper said...

I have made this inquiry previously to other persons, but have not received an answer. This blog seems to always answer or be accurate in its revelations answers so I will try here as well.

What are the parameters for membership in the Dunwoody Tea Party? Does the Dunwoody Tea Party allow minorities to become members? Are there any minorities that are currently members of the Dunwoody Tea Party?

Is there going to be an investigation into the campaign finances of the recent candidates (e.g. whether a candidate was provided with free campaign ads in a local newspaper or was allowed deferred payment)?


Dunwoody DTOM said...

Anyone can join. Call Herman Cain. No.