Friday, May 11, 2012

Chesnut Charter School is a great place to Learn.


WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter School is a past winner of the Gold Award for CRCT score gains greater than 97% of other Georgia schools; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter School teachers are highly educated: 66% have advanced degrees and 38% have certification in gifted instruction; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter’s Charter Council formed in 2000 and comprised of parents and teachers directly oversees the academic performance based objectives of the school; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter’s community averages about 350 families and has raised approximately $300,000 for the school in the past 4 years. The school’s PTA and Charter Council have used over 70% of these funds for improvements in technology and the curriculum, as well as support to the school’s teachers; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter’s families have invested over 20,000 hours of volunteer work at the school in the past 4 years. Over 350 Chesnut family volunteers built a new playground at the school in one day; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter’s families are creative when faced with cuts in services: this year, the school has reintroduced an orchestra in the school, started a studentrun recycling program, and offers over 15 other student enrichment clubs and activities; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter’s families actively pursue grant money on behalf of the school and have brought in $8,000 this year. These funds have purchased digital and handheld microscopes, a healthy eating initiative, a playground renewal, and a walk-to-school safety program; and

WHEREAS, Chesnut Charter honored Ms. Angela Landis as “Teacher of the Year” for 2011-2012. Ms. Landis is a dedicated first grade teacher who is committed to her students and to her school; and

WHEREAS, the City congratulates Chesnut Charter’s Board Scholars for 2011-2012, the following six top performing 5th graders, Jake Hummel, Dania Fadhil, Angela Hirst, Caitlyn Liu, Carmen Morgan and Rushabh Sheth; and

WHEREAS, Amelia Nicole Marion-Landais, a rising 1st grader at Chesnut Charter, participated
in a charity auction for the school and won the honor of filling in for Council Member John Heneghan as “Council Person for the Day.”

NOW THEREFORE, I, Michael G. Davis, Mayor of Dunwoody, hereby proclaim

Amelia Nicole Marion-Landais
Council Person for the Day

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of
Dunwoody, Georgia, to be affixed, this 14th day of May, 2012.

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Dunwoody Mom said...

Yea Chesnut!!! It seems like yesterday that I walked my oldest into Ms. Tarrant's Kindergarten class and now she graduates from Dunwoody HS in 2 weeks. Many thanks to the teachers and administrators at Chesnut that provided my children with the academic foundation needed to be successful in high school and beyond.