Monday, May 21, 2012

Dunwoody High School attempts to quell rumors over Principal Swanson leaving and Asst Principal Tom Bass applying for position.

A Letter From Your DHS School Council
Dear Dunwoody High School Families,

There are so many rumors surrounding the replacement of DHS Principal Rodney
Swanson and the resignation of DHS Assistant Principal Tom Bass. The School Council would like to put some of these to rest.

Mr. Swanson did not ask for this re-assignment. We were notified Friday, May 18 that he will be the principal at Arabia Mountain High School. He is being moved as part of a large shuffle of principals by DCSS Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Atkinson. This is not done to "punish" Dunwoody -- our new superintendent does not work that way. There are many rumors about who will replace Mr. Swanson, however, NO decision has been made by Dr. Atkinson and candidates are still being considered.

Mr. Bass has resigned in order to take a position at a school closer to his home and family. This decision was made well before the principal shuffle was announced. In order to be a principal of a DeKalb County school, an assistant principal must have three years experience. That anniversary has just occurred. There are rumors that Mr. Bass was "passed over" two years ago. This is incorrect as he had only been an AP for one year at that time. He has submitted paperwork to be considered for the principal position at Dunwoody High School.

All the emails to Superintendent Atkinson and the community's preferred candidate have been noticed. Please continue to share your thoughts in a positive manner. If there are concerns or questions about rumors, please contact one of your DHS School Council representatives. We will be in communication with the County office as this process continues. As soon as we have more information, we will let you all know. 

Thank you,
Your DHS School Council

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Dunwoody DTOM said...

But another example of whoever is in charge not knowing what they are doing. Too many principals in too few years. And the folks who have dedicated themselves to the school are not even considered as a replacement. Why not have someone like Tom Bass fill in the new position? There's no reason not to do this. Clearly the decision makers need to get their act together.

waterman said...

I've already sent Dr. Atkinson an email of support for Tom Bass and suggest that everyone who is supportive do the same. I also suggested in the same message that when leadership changes are made, transparency is good, surprise and rumor are not.

Tom Bass would be an outstanding leader for Dunwoody High School and already is an educational leader in the community. We need DHS to be the preferred educational choice in the City.

This is a real important decision for Dr. Atkinson to assert that she is genuinely concerned with improving academic achievement by appointing outstanding administrators to run high performing schools.