Saturday, May 12, 2012

Updated Dunwoody Agenda and other City Meetings

On Friday at 5 pm, Mayor Mike Davis added a matter of new business to the Monday Night 7 pm Dunwoody City Council Meeting agenda.   The City Clerk notified Council of the change and posted it to the city web site.  Because I would have posted any update to the agenda, I am posting this item as well, but it brings me no joy in order to do so.  Do me a favor, please don't jump to conclusions on this.

ACTION ITEM: Resolution - City Attorney Termination. (Mayor Davis)

There will be an executive session of the Council meeting at 6 pm which only allows us to discuss legal, real estate, and personnel discussions behind closed doors. All votes have to take place in the open, meaning the 7 pm meeting.

Also updated on the city website, it shows that the Council will be visiting a John Wieland development on Monday afternoon followed by an Audit Committee  Meeting and then Council will be attending a training session on Wednesday on the new Open Records / Open Meetings law that was just passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor. 


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Conclusions have been jumped, repeatedly, so there's no way around that.

Methinks viewership on the Ustream feed is going to jump exponentially tomorrow night.

John Heneghan said...

Understandable but I can honestly state that I do not have any of the facts on this agenda item, purely hearsay and second hand conversations at this point.

As a backup to my video, there is a little known fact that the city live streams the meetings to the web though I have a very hard time getting the archives to run. The live feed from the City might work well for you.

Go to the specific agenda notice from the city and the video should be there in the top right corner once the meeting starts.

For tomorrow's 7 pm meeting, please check below as well as the Ustream site for possible video.

If you look at the older meeting notices you will see the video link next to meeting dates. Just wondering do these work for you? I always have issues with them.

Sight Edman said...

Speculation and relatively unsupported conclusions are natural. What would help the voters and taxpayers is the report from the Special Investigation, or in lieu of that, a status report.

It would also seem reasonable for a transparent city to publish date/time, attendees, agenda and minutes of meetings between the now selected (and all other) developer(s) going back to the first contact. Apparently that is well before the "leak".

DunwoodyTalk said...


I have had no success in viewing old videos. Finding the videos is very difficult, as is finding the live feed. After the tens of thousands of dollars we put toward the video for city hall what a waste it is hidden from residents. The city's live broadcast is superior to King John's (audio and video quality) but KJ's library of old meetings is superior.

Keeping it Reel said...

John - perhaps you need to lay down your crown? If you have no knowledge of the line item surrounding the City Attorney vote, then perhaps you are not in the inner circle of this Mayor? If you are to be believed, this is very telling. One way or the other, not a good reflection on your leadership role.

Bob Lundsten said...

The report is going to be release.
To say this has anything to do with John's leadership. The agenda item was added, I am assuming will be discussed in the frst session at 6 and then at the public session at 7
Instead of everyone jumping to conclusions, lets see what the report says and what the Mayor justifications are. He needs 4 votes
I see Johns blog as superior video tool to what the city has to offer.
It is so simple and cheap, I copied it for the Board of Commissioner's meetings in Decatur.

For John to offer opinions before anyone outside of the council has had a chance to read the report or discuss t at a public sessin, would only add to the idea that "deals are cut" in the back rooms.
This is a very serious day for the city. One with some personally sad momnents for the people involved, but also a reminder of the importance of understanding that this is a CITY not a homeowners association. Your words and actions have consequences.
Keep up the great work John. You have set the standard for all of the Council to follow.

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

It must be pretty intense over there. 7:21 PM and no video yet.