Saturday, June 16, 2012

700 homes in N. DeKalb will be reassesed lower due to mistake.

Mr. Bob Lundsten, the Chief of Staff for DeKalb Commissioner Elaine Boyer asked me to publish an excel version of the spreadsheet below as well as the related story from the Crier.

Excel Spreadsheet
More than 700 homes in N. DeKalb mistakenly overvalued, see if your home is listed 

If residents of Wynterhall, Mount Vernon Way, Withmere, Sumerset Court as well as dozens other streets in Dunwoody thought their recent tax assessment were too high, they are probably right. The Crier has obtained the list of 722 additional properties the DeKalb Tax Assessor found to be mistakenly overvalued. The overvaluations range from about $50,000 to as much as $250,000. Most of the overvaluations in Dunwoody are six figures.

Residents in Wynterhall had complained and District One Commissioner Elaine Boyer looked into the assessments, which triggered the tax assessor to release a new list totaling $67 million in overvaluations. A previous report had identified some 2,000 properties assessed too high in Decatur and the Emory area.

The tax assessor had previously concluded that the county’s tax digest had dropped 6 percent, but with these mistakes lowering the digest by millions, it is expected the drop will be closer to 8 or 9 percent.

The new list identified 79 homes in Wynterhall that are overvalued from $61,000 to $136,000. Homes on Withmere, Biddle, Reston and Mt Vernon Way are overvalued from $53,000 to $209,000. The list also includes homes in the Tilly Mill, Silver Lake, Henderson Mill, Clairmont Terrace and Mercer University areas.

The tax assessor’s office said that residents would be receiving a new notice with the corrected information and still have 45 days to appeal.

To see the list as a pdf, click here.

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Anon said...

If your address isn't on that list, and you think your appraisal is too high, be sure and appeal. Remember you only have 45 days. Don't wait for another list to come out, it probably won't happen.