Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tuesday is Dunwoody Swim Team Night and Rick Callihan has a running tally of the results and matchups on his Dunwoody Talk Blog.

Below is the excerpt from the Dunwoody North / Dunwoody Country Club swim meet recap where Rick knows that water volleyball is an important part of the Dunwoody North summer experience.  Check the link above or here, for Rick's full Dunwoody recap.

Dunwoody North 408  Dunwoody Country Club 373
A few days ago we predicted a close match, and close it was on Tuesday.  Dunwoody North starts the season strong and visits rival Kingsley next week. The Dunwoody North versus Kingsley match-up will be a close match.  It will be broadcast on Dunwoody's public access channel (Comcast channel 24) live and then in replay throughout the week.  Dunwoody North has a chance to go 4-1 or possibly 5-0 this season.  We had many emails looking for info on the Dunwoody North Memorial Day pool volleyball games, but sorry, we did not have a staff member there.  We have no official results of the Dunwoody North volleyball, but we heard of several face plants.  Also, a kid named Jimmy set a new Memorial Day record playing 4-Square at Dunwoody North. He held the 'king' square for 12 minutes, knocking out 37 kids in a row.  Congrats to the Dunwoody North 4-Square players.  DCC visits Roxboro next week and visits Kingsley in Week 5.

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