Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dunwoody Police Officer Christopher Irwin saves life with AED - Facebook

Officer Irwin

If you don't follow or "like" the Dunwoody Police Department on Facebook, please do so as I consider it an important news source for the entire community with regular updates.  The link is below as is a sampling of the soon to be 700 "likes" and numerous comments.  I couldn't be prouder of Officer Christopher Irwin and the professionalism shown by the Department every single day.  Thank you.
Officer Irwin had just gone off-duty and was headed home when a medical emergency call was dispatched on Crown Point Parkway. The officer turned his patrol car around and responded to the scene with lights & siren. Upon the officer’s arrival he saw that the subject was in cardiac arrest. Officer Irwin immediately deployed his AED (automated external defibrillator) and continued CPR with the help from a civilian. The AED deployed three defibrillations “shocks” to the subjects. DeKalb Fire Rescue arrived on scene and resumed CPR. The subject’s heart beat and breathing was restored and he was transported to St. Joseph’s. Officer Irwin remembered his training and helped in saving a life yesterday. Good Job Officer Irwin.
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  • Awesome 
  • Good job Irwin!
  • Thanks for your service
  • What a cool dude! He saved a life! Thank you!
  • Awesome job!!!! 
  • Not sure how many of us would turn around once off work but thankful that this hero did! We have an amazing police force, Dunwoody - thank you to each one of you, and today's especially Officer Irwin!
  • Awesome!
  • Way to go Officer Irwin!!!
  • An Exceptional Merit Award is in order.
  • That dunwoody police officers for you!! Great job Irwin
  • Great job !
  • Dedication to his career.
  • Thank you for serving!
  • wow! awesome work!!!! a++++++
  • Awesome!
  • Woo hoo officer Irwin!!! Thank you
  • Thank you Officer Irwin!
  • Awesome!
  • kudos for him going that extra mile!
  • This is AWESOME! Hopefully, Officer Irwin and the bystander will be recognized by the Mayor and Council for their actions. Great job and with their intervention, a perfect example of this past May's theme for EMS Week..."One Mission. One Team."
  • Great great job Officer Irwin! Thank you for being Dunwoody PD! To the "mob" complaining about other things going on in our City, isn't this enough reason to be proud of our City? And thanks again to Bob Lundsten for making sure our officers have those AEDs. I know how happy they are to have them, and to not be put in situations where they feel helpless to act.
  • Good. Job. Officer. Ivern. I. Slatue. Sir

  • Outstanding!

  • Outstanding job! Thanks again to DPD and Officer Irwin for all they do.

  • That's why Take Home Patrol Cars should Be A Perk For Every Department!!!! Great Job. Faster Response Even If Off Duty.

  • Officer Irwin and the rest of his brother and sister officers are great examples of why we are so very proud of our DPD!

  • I love my DPD! Thank you!!!!

  • Thank you to one of our community heroes!

  • Wow! How does it feel to know you saved someone's life with your own hands?

  •   If the officer did not have an assigned, issued take home vehicle, then the officer would have been prohibited to stop and would not have rendered aid.. That's the beauty of having every officer assigned to their very own car.. Good job officer, good job Dunwoody Police...

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  • Great Job

  • Great job.

  • Awesome!

  • Dunwoody is so glad to have such accomplished Law Enforcement Officers!!!

  • He saved a baby in Marietta once, too. He's a lifesaver! Good job, Chris!

  • Great Job

  • We are so Lucky to have Great Policeman in Dunwoody. Our Chief picks the BEST.

  • Thank you Officer Irwin. Life is precious and you recognize this.

  • Thank you officer Irwin for going out of your way for others

  • Great Job! If i need you I'll call.Never know about that ticker!

  • Thank you Officer Irwin!

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Jack B. Nimble said...

Great job, Officer Irwin. I'm sure this person and his or her family will be forever grateful to you.

This emphasizes the need for AED's in public places. There was not one available for my husband. There was a small movement a couple of years ago to have one at the nature center; I contributed to it. I notice the MJCCA has them. I'd like to see them in every store, gas station, park, and restaurant in our city.

Thank goodness for Officer Irwin's dedication to his job; kudos especially since he was off duty (actually, our first responders are never really off duty which is why we should be so grateful for their service).