Thursday, October 31, 2013

City of Dunwoody Parks and Recreation provides few services directly to residents yet we should be providing a quarterly activity guide.

On October 17th, I posted an idea for a community activity guide (much like shown above for the City of Duluth) and have been working with staff and a few vendors to attempt to turn an idea into reality.

My thinking is that if the City is not going to offer much programing, we should be consolidating and offering information on activities offered by local nonprofits to the residents so that they can be aware of what is available. 

The Dunwoody recreation staffing model is very lean and this project would probably be contracted out.  An electronic directory or version of the information would be available on line and then maybe a hard copy of the document could possibly be delivered to every drive way by the City organ, The Dunwoody Crier.

Mayor Davis is very supportive of the idea but ideas need to be flushed out, how will this be put together, published and finally how will it be funded.


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