Thursday, October 3, 2013

Peachtree Charter Middle School (PCMS) 411: Fact or Fiction on Monday, October 7th at 10 am

For Rising 6th Grade Parents
Monday, October 7th

10am to 11am

PCMS Media Center

Please join us for a Q&A with a Panel of Parents from each feeder school.  Principal Heptinstall will open the meeting with a few remarks and then rising 6th grade Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions of current PCMS parents.
Find out answers to:
  • How is my child placed academically?
  • What are Gifted, High Achiever, and General Teams?
  • How is bullying handled?
  • What is Accelerated Math?
  • Is there really band, orchestra, or chorus every day?
  • When does my child begin foreign language every day?
  • Can you really earn HS credits in 8th grade?
Come and ask an experienced group of parents your toughest questions and get honest answers.
Tours available immediately following the Q&A.
There will be Rising 6th Grade Parent Information Sessions scheduled in the spring semester.

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