Friday, December 6, 2013

Dad's take the Checklist Challenge with your kids on March 1st. Sign up today for this activity at allow Dunwoody Mom's to have the day to themselves.

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You’ve seen those obstacles and challenges on reality TV for years. You know, the ones that require individuals and teams to use their physical and mental abilities to complete. Your mind wanders as you think about whether or not you could do them…if you were given the opportunity.
Dads’ Bucket List is always coming up with creative challenges, and we don’t want to spoil your experience by giving away all the details.  But we’ll give you some ideas.  You’ll be given the chance to attempt things like:
    • test your aim and accuracy to break down a barrier that confronts you
    • try to escape jail using only the limited tools available to you
    • show enough persistence to find a treasure hidden among similar treasures
    • navigate to obstacle course checkpoints…using some unfamiliar equipment
    • solve a three-dimensional puzzle in order to reveal the answer you seek
So here’s your chance to put your skills to the test. “The Checklist Challenge”  tasks & obstacles are all uniquely worthy of checking off your Bucket List. Sign-up and get ready to experience it with your kids – as a team!

More event information can be found on our “CC” FAQ page

“Checklist Challenge” Locations

March 1, 2014

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