Monday, February 3, 2014

Dunwoody Police Department achievement awards of 2013

The Dunwoody Police Department gave out its 2013 achievement awards for officers and employees that made an impact throughout the year.  It is important to recognize excellence among the staff.  The police department recognized ten individuals for their achievements during the 2013 calendar year.  They were recognized for Officer of the Year, Employee of the Year, Marksman of the Year, Meritorious Service Medal, Rising Star Award, Top Cop, Physical Fitness Challenge, Officer of the Quarter and Chief’s Award.

They were as follows:

Officer of the Year, Officer of the Second Quarter and Meritorious Service Medal:  Officer Anthony ‘Kerry’ Stallings-
On May 23, 2013 Officer Stallings responded to a call for service at the Manhattan Condominiums. Upon the officer’s arrival, he observed a woman standing on the fifth floor of a parking deck, having placed herself over the protective barrier of the garage, apparently preparing to commit suicide by jumping to her death. Officer Stallings immediately made his way to the fifth floor where he found the woman crying while standing with her feet halfway off the nine inch ledge. At this point, the officer began speaking with the woman and after several minutes, he was able to work his way closer to her. Once close enough, Officer Stallings reached over the barrier and grabbed the woman's hand, pulled her to him, and wrapped her in a bear hug, lifting her over the barrier and onto the safety of the parking deck.

Employee of the Year:  Brian Bolden- Prisoner Transport Officer Bolden joined the Dunwoody Police Department in June of 2013. In just six short months, he has worked diligently to become not only proficient in the completion of his assignments but through his personable nature, a true member of our team.  He is dependable, hardworking, and always has a smile and a warm hello for everyone he encounters.  He has proven that he can communicate well with both civilian and sworn staff and has become an employee who is well trusted and respected.


Marksman of the Year: Sergeant Aaron Belt- Sergeant Belt had the highest qualifying score for the department in 2013. 

 Top Cop Award: Sergeant Patrick Krieg- This award is presented to Sergeant Krieg in honor of his outstanding performance in a multi-discipline competition which included physical fitness, mental aptitude, and shooting drills. This competition involved all sworn members of the Dunwoody Police Department.


Rising Star Award:  Officer Terell Styles- (Awarded to officers with less than two years of service) Officer Terell Styles earned this award for his professional demeanor, work ethic, and commitment to the department, City of Dunwoody, and the citizens we serve.

Officer of the First Quarter: Officer Harold ‘Trey’ Nelson- Officer Nelson’s efforts over the first quarter of 2013 have produced several outstanding arrests, to include a GHB manufacturing operation at a local apartment complex. In addition to this case, this officer has also been responsible for several other arrests for Violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act (V.G.C.S.A). Along with these arrests, Officer Nelson organized and conducted a warrant operation with his team members; which resulted in three fugitive arrests along with additional charges of V.G.C.S.A. Obstruction and Animal Cruelty.

Officer of the Third Quarter and Meritorious Service Medal: Officer Christopher Irwin- On July 8, 2013 Officer Irwin had just gone off-duty when a medical call was dispatched. It was reported that 56-year old male victim was possibly having a heart attack. The caller reported that the victim was on the floor, conscious and having difficulty breathing. Although the officer was off duty and headed home, he radioed that he would be responding and was the first to arrive on scene. Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim was unconscious, not breathing and had no pulse. The officer immediately deployed his issued AED. The AED gave an initial shock and the officer began CPR with the help of a civilian. The AED provided two additional shocks before DeKalb Fire Rescue arrived on scene. The officer remained by the victim’s side, assisting Fire Rescue personnel. The victim was then transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he was in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Officer of the Fourth Quarter and Chief’s Award: Officer Tim Fecht- Officer Fecht has taken on additional responsibilities as a result of Sgt. Carlson’s military deployment. He has taken on these responsibilities with a positive attitude and without complaints. This officer has been directly involved in registering training classes for the department to include travel training requests. He has also coordinated and/or attended twenty-nine (29) social events, completed nine (9) Media releases, thirty-seven (37) Media requests, four (4) on-camera interviews, four (4) Radio interviews, thirty (30) Court sessions and has coordinated our social media links. Officer Fecht has been an absolute professional throughout the quarter and continues to maintain a significant workload which many departments would have delegated between several officers.

Meritorious Service Medal:  Officer Danny Tedesco- On Thursday, December 26, 2013 at approximately 1140 hrs, Officer Tedesco was dispatched to the Workout Anytime located on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd in reference to a medical call. Upon arrival to the scene, our officer met with the gym staff who were with the victim performing CPR. At the time of the officer’s initial assessment, the victim was not breathing and was turning blue. The officer immediately deployed his AED to the victim's chest for an assessment; at which time the victim had to be shocked.  After the first set of chest compressions, the victim was reassessed, at which time a second shock had to be administered and CPR was continued. Lifesaving procedures were continued by the officer and the gym staff until they were relieved by DeKalb Fire Rescue. The victim eventually regained a pulse and began to breathe on his own - at which point he was transported to the hospital. As of last check on the victim, he was doing well and on the road to recovery.

Physical Fitness Challenge Awards: Officer Trey Nelson and Officer Ian Fein- In 2013, the City sponsored a Fitness Challenge to generate competition and participation in the program.  This challenge involved voluntary participation in a physical fitness challenge based upon the Cooper Clinic Standards.  Officer Nelson and Officer Fein each obtained “Superior” in all tested categories.

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