Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marta's Dunwoody Station - a key factor in economic development.


Join MARTA's Frank Rodriguez on a tour around the Dunwoody Station as he points out the variety of shopping, hotels, and sights surrounding this popular Perimeter area. The Dunwoody Station sits on the Red Line, a quick walk to the numerous office buildings, Perimeter Shopping Mall and plenty of great restaurants and stores.

The Dunwoody Station is part of the Perimeter Center business district because it serves as a transportation hub for multiple shuttles. Employees can ride a free shuttle to/from the Dunwoody rail station during morning and evening rush hours. Most shuttles operate every 15 minutes, and pick up and drop off on the ground floor of Parking Deck 1.

There are 1,048 parking spaces at the Dunwoody Station and parking is free for up to 24-hours. Customers staying 24-hours or longer will be charged for long-term parking at a rate of $5 for each 24-hour period or part thereof.

MARTA's Police Department uses the Dunwoody Station for its North Precinct. From this station, MPD patrols 14 stations, all the bus routes and 12,000 parking spaces from Civic Center station north to Doraville and North Springs.

In the coming months plans will be released as State Farm creates its regional hub around the station with direct access for their employees.  


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