Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best story of the year for AJC, tells of Dunwoody High School Gates Scholar, Ashton Jordon and his long time mentor Mr. Art Collins.

A dedicated stranger and the game of chess help a troubled child turn his life around By Helena Oliviero & Bob Andres- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  June 1, 2014

Since Ashton Jordon was 6 years old, Mr. Art Collins has been his mentor and has had lunch with him every week and still does. Ashton, a troubled child, barely spoke when he was in the first grade at Chesnut Charter Elementary School when Mr. Collins came into his life. But Collins didn't give up and this 70-year-old grandfather went to Ashton's school for lunch week after week. 

Last week Ashton graduated from Dunwoody High School the recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship for a full ride education to
Elon University, a highly ranked, private liberal arts college in central North Carolina.

The AJC article linked above (but possibly behind the pay wall) is a wonderful story of love determination and success.  Congratulations Ashton and Mr. Collins, I am mighty proud of you too.

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