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Dunwoody Construction Project Update


Dunwoody Construction Project Updates for 6/109/14
Brook Run Building Demolition Nearing Completion
Main Street Project Readies for Lane Shift
Dunwoody Nature Center Gets “Decked” Out
Chamblee Dunwoody Road Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements
Dunwoody, Ga.  June 10, 2014The City of Dunwoody is currently engaged in several beneficial and exciting infrastructure projects in different phases of active development and construction.


2014 Citywide Paving Plans:

In June and July the city plans to conduct paving and repair work on the following streets:


StreetFrom ToLengthWork
Perimeter Center Pl.Perimeter Center W.Meadow Lane Rd.1911Mill, Patch And Overlay 2.5"
Tamassee Ct.N Peachtree Rd.End723Deep Patch And Pave
Luray Ct.Luray Dr.End964Deep Patch And Pave
Front Royal Ct.Luray Dr.End337Deep Patch And Pave
Cherring Ln.Peeler Rd.Cherring Dr.1238Deep Patch And Pave
Cherring Dr.Peeler Rd.Tilly Mill Rd1666Deep Patch And Pave
Verdon Ct.Verdon Dr.End241Deep Patch And Pave
Bordeau Ct.Verdon Dr.End590Deep Patch And Pave
Vermack RidgeVermack Rd.End1112Deep Patch And Pave
Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.Cotillion Dr.Peeler Rd.3426Patching & Crack Sealing
Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.Roberts Dr.Spalding Dr.Crack Seal



The city also has funded paving of the following streets in this year’s budget:

StreetFrom ToLengthWork
Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.Cambridge Dr.Valley View Dr.3277Mill, Patch And Overlay 1.5"
Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.Valley View Rd.Womack Rd2215Mill, Patch And Overlay 2"
Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.Womack Rd.Roberts Dr.3997Mill, Patch And Overlay 2"
Center Dr.Chamblee DunwoodyEnd561Mill, Patch And Overlay 2"
Dunwoody Village PkwyChamblee Dunwoody Rd.South End450Mill, Patch And Overlay 2"
Mount Vernon Rd.Ashford Dunwoody Rd.Chamblee Dunwoody1450Mill, Patch And Overlay 2.5"
Mount Vernon Rd.Chamblee DunwoodyVernon Oaks Dr.4143Mill, Patch And Overlay 1.5"
Nandina Ln.Chamblee DunwoodyMount Vernon Rd.636Mill, Patch And Overlay 2"



Dunwoody is coordinating the paving of the following streets in conjunction with a water main replacement project by DeKalb County on Mount Vernon Road and Chamblee Dunwoody Road.  Due to the timing of the water main replacement project, Mount Vernon Road, Chamblee Dunwoody Road and the side streets listed above will likely be paved in the spring of 2015 following the completion of the utility work.


Since 2009, the City has invested over $5,000,000 in repaving its roads.  Each year, approximately 70 percent of the funding is directed towards high traffic volume roads. The remaining 30 percent is applied to the lowest rated neighborhood streets based on the pavement condition assessment.  Since 2009 the City has made significant improvement in the condition of its main thoroughfares with the percentage in good to excellent condition increasing from 45 percent to 60 percent.


_8008439_8008063Georgetown Park Opens With A Flourish
On May 17, the city celebrated the grand opening of the new Georgetown Park.  The opening of the city’s newest park was attended by more than 200 visitors who were treated to games, food truck cuisine, a bounce house, fair hair, face painting and the live music from two Dunwoody-based bands, Missing Cat and Array.

Mayor and City Council members were on hand to cut the ribbon at the new park and community members of all ages visited the park square, pavilion area, children’s playground, and strolled along the Dunwoody Trailway within the park linking the pavilion area and playground.
Numerous trees, flowering shrubs, and water-saving grasses have been installed and new amenities, including new decorative street lights, benches, and garbage receptacles, are in place for visitors use and enjoyment.

Decorative brick work and special lighting create a visual and aural ambiance along the fountain area and the two new bocce ball courts off the Georgetown Park pavilion area are ready for games and play.  The city welcomes everyone to come out and enjoy everything Georgetown Park has to offer.

Brook Run Trail Nearing Final Stretch
077Work on the latest segment of the Brook Run Park multi-use trail is about 75 percent complete.  Weather permitting, the city anticipates construction crews will finish the 1.3 mile addition to the multi-use trail at Brook Run Park by the end of July.

The city and its arborist carefully planned the trail’s centerline placement to help reduce the overall number of impacted trees.  Over the past month crews have poured concrete for the remaining segments of the 12-foot wide multi-use trail and will soon begin preparations for the installation of decorative benches and waste/recycling receptacles along the trail route for beautification and convenience.

City inspectors continue close monitoring of all construction activity and work to ensure compliance with Georgia Environmental Protection Division requirements regarding erosion and sediment control.

The latest phase of the 12-foot wide multi-use trail will help open access to areas of the park which often are not frequented by park visitors. The new trail section also will connect with the existing 0.7 mile trail to create a two mile, 12-foot wide concrete multi-use trail loop within Brook Run Park.  As future phases are completed in the coming years, the Dunwoody Trailway will run from Brook Run Park to Chamblee Dunwoody Road and will cover 3.3 total miles.

Dunwoody Nature Center Gets “Decked” Out
photo 4Visitors to the Dunwoody Nature Center will be pleasantly surprised at the progress being made in the construction of the expanded classroom space and the public restroom facility.  These two new additions are expected to be complete in late June.

By expanding the facility’s classroom space, camp attendees and program participants will take part in an enhanced visitor experience.  Once the deck is complete, guests attending lectures, classes, programs and special events will be able to enjoy the new deck overlooking the restored meadow.

In addition, the new restroom facility, which will be available to the public at all times during park hours, will help the Nature Center accommodate larger crowds and better facilitate frequent high volume traffic such as school field trips of 100+ visitors during the fall and spring.

Brook Run Building Demolition
https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7354/13956016717_f4db077d04.jpgThe old, unused two single-story buildings, just south of the Veteran’s Memorial and Children’s Playground area situated near the front of Brook Run Park, are in the final stages of being demolished.  The buildings have been torn down to create space for the potential future development of additional park amenities.  The origination of these new amenities comes from the Parks and Open Space Master Plan which included using the space for restroom facilities, sand volleyball, tennis and basketball courts. 

During the demolition process, the contractor discovered the presence of asbestos materials in the foundation. Demolition crews promptly worked with city staff to remove the asbestos-contaminated materials and clean the exposed area pursuant to the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict guidelines.

The demolition is expected to be complete in time for the opening of the latest section of the Brook Run Trail.

Dunwoody Village Main Street Project Readies for Lane Shift
Main Street Const
Construction crews continue to make progress on the Dunwoody Village Main Street project.  The new stormwater drains along the south side of the thoroughfare are now complete and crews will be finishing up curbing and driveway entrances on the south side over the next two weeks.  This will be followed by paving work on the south side.  After completion of the south side paving, crews will then shift to commence work on the north side, moving traffic to the south side of the thoroughfare.

The timing of the traffic signals at either end of the parkway (at both Chamblee Dunwoody Road and at Mount Vernon Road) has been adjusted to fixed cycles until the construction is completed.  Once work at these intersections is complete, the signals will be re-set to operate via the inductive-loop traffic detector sensors typically installed at signalized intersections.

The shops, restaurants, and businesses located in the Village Parkway area will remain accessible throughout construction.

The city worked closely with the businesses in Dunwoody Village and continues to conduct proactive outreach and communication on the project.  Main Street project information materials, including a store front project poster and point of sale flyers to display adjacent to registers, are available free of charge for Village businesses by contacting Bob Mullen at 678-382-6881 or bob.mullen@dunwoodyga.gov .

For additional information regarding the Main Street project please contact Michael Smith, Public Works Director, at 678-382-6850 or email michael.smith@dunwoodyga.gov .

Chamblee Dunwoody Road Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements
The city held a Public Information Open House Meeting on June 5 to discuss the proposed pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Chamblee Dunwoody Road.  More than 50 residents and community members attended the meeting to find out more information on the project, ask questions and better understand the planned improvements.

The Chamblee Dunwoody Road corridor lacks on-street bicycle lanes and the sidewalk is only available on the west side of the road beginning at Valley View Road and continuing to Womack Road.  The proposed pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Chamblee Dunwoody Road aim to remedy these deficiencies by widening the road to accommodate bicycle lanes in both directions and a sidewalk on the east side of the road. 

As outlined by the City of Dunwoody's Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the city has adopted a "Complete Streets" policy, which outlines the need for choice, connectivity, and community by providing access for all transportations including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, as well as cars along major routes through the city.

The primary goal of this project is to connect the city’s residential areas to the commercial and municipal amenities that are offered.  However, a secondary result will be improving the visibility to the south for westbound drivers on Womack Road.  Opening up the sidewalk at this intersection will allow the city to remove the right turn on red restriction on Womack.

Where we are able, the city strives will make such improvements in conjunction with other capital improvement projects.  These improvements will be done in conjunction with the proposed replacement of DeKalb County's water main and the city's scheduled resurfacing of Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

Questions and concerns may be sent to Mindy Sanders at mindy.sanders@dunwoodyga.gov.

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