Monday, October 27, 2014

Popular Brook Run Off-Leash Dog Park in Dunwoody to be redesigned near current location.

After numerous meetings and public discussions, it appears that the Brook Run Dog Park will be moved further away from the residents of the Lakeview Oaks Subdivision reducing the amount of noise.  The new location will retain a large amount of shade but it will now include the sunny field adjacent to the parking lot and close to the road that runs through the park.  A small dog area is also to be included but that was not shown on the concept drawing.

This draft from September looks to be a good compromise and I am guessing something close to the proposed plan will be finalized very soon.   Comments?


DunwoodyTalk said...

Dogs 2.4 Sports Fields 0, final score for this council. Sad day for 99.8% of humans in Dunwoody. With a council full of moms, dads, grandfathers, many of us were expecting something different. Add these 2.4 acres (and the damaged acres from the original dog park) to the now land-locked acres around the new dog park and the acres given away for private gardening,and "our" 100 acre 'gem' doesn't really offer much for the average taxpayer/resident except a parking lot for food trucks.

Heyward said...

I am quite pleased with the compromise that has been reached here. I think it is a win for all that have been involved. Thank you John for your work on this effort. In addition I hope that our court case against DeKalb county will be settled soon. That could bring 7 million in parks bond money that we have paid into. That money should transform the park if we prevail.

DunwoodyTalk said...

Heyward, I agree the $7 million goes a long way for brook Run, but where will anything go? The gardeners secured a large piece of land before we became a city, and have added an orchard and continue to expand beyond the original footprint in all directions. Imagine the uproar if the city decides to uproot a tomato plant. The dogs have now sectioned off a new, huge block of land for pooping and peeing after damaging another section (and the dogs will need a new 2.4 acres in five years, and another 2.4 acres five years after that, and another 2.4....). The thespians will demand a new theater and the bicycle mafia will demand a velodrome and bile lanes throughout the park. Seniors will want a bingo hall. In the end Brook Run will remain a patchwork of special-interest amenities and not a traditional park with fields for active adults and organized sports.

Max said...

We in the Italian-American community want Bocce Ball courts.

What do we want?


When do we want it?


I am putting that out there right now, so as not to be called a Pisano-come-lately.

We gave you our food.

Seriously, this is a WIN-WIN and I appreciate that various Councilors took the time to vet issues, discuss legitimate points and work up a solution that should make everyone happy, except "Pooch Pouter" Rick. (Eaaasssy Rick, I get what you are saying, just don't agree.)

As to the Tomato Squatters, as long as a portion of their crop goes to Marinara, they'll have no flak from us. You have been WARNED. LOL

DunwoodyTalk said...


There are two bocce ball courts at the new park/neighborhood in Georgetown. Bring your own balls

Max said...

I've walked over there, Rick, with the dogs, and WE love-love the place.

My underlying point is Brook Run is the size of Piedmont Park, which has a TWO Dog areas, ball fields, tennis, open areas, etc.

If Dunwoody changes it's collective mind and wants active uses in Brook Run, we have plenty of space to do it.

We were all told/sold that active uses should remain on Public school grounds, directly across Barclay Road from Brook Run.