Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dunwoody area news - Trees gone, Factory going away, Doraville Strippers might be on way out and more Police Wanted in Chamblee

Trees clearcut to improve billboard visibility along Savoy Drive

The negative effects of Georgia’s billboard law have hit home for residents and visitors in the cities of Chamblee and Dunwoody as trees and vegetation were recently completely clear-cut along I-285 on Savoy Drive. (2011 HB 179 - Millar, Taylor & Jacobs all voted No.)

Residents were stunned when all of a sudden the trees and vegetation serving as natural visual, sound and air pollution barriers were gone. To make matters worse, the cleared land was filled with tons of litter and trash, previously obscured from sight by all the ground vegetation.

Doraville GM Plant Demolition officially begins to make way for a ‘city within a city’

The Doraville General Motors (GM) Assembly Plant demolition officially began in earnest Friday.   A ceremony was held to commemorate the event where a group of Federal, State, County and Local Government Officials – as well as citizens who once worked at the assembly plant – joined Integral Group Chairman and CEO Egbert Perry who talked briefly about the projects history and its future. Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman spoke to attendees about the great promise the new development holds for her city and the region.

Oasis and Doraville argue their cases in Georgia’s Supreme Court

Doraville’s counsel holds tightly to their claim that “nude conduct in sexually oriented businesses is not protected speech under the Georgia Constitution.” Bergthold argues that the regulations Doraville has imposed on Oasis are almost identical to those Brookhaven imposed on the Pink Pony.

The Supreme Court of Georgia ruled on Oct. 6 that Brookhaven had the right to ban adult entertainment businesses that sell alcohol. Bergthold says that Doraville has the same right to impose those provisions in their Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance that Brookhaven did.

Help Wanted - Chamblee Police Officer positions open

The City of Chamblee Police Department is now accepting applications from P.O.S.T. Certified Officers. Chamblee Police Department prides itself on being a progressive agency with very high standards that serves a diverse community. To apply, go here.

For more information contact: Michael Beller, Assistant Chief of Police Ph: (770) 986-5005

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