Monday, April 13, 2015

Young Talented Dunwoody Musicians to perform at Brook Run for Lemonade Days

Featuring local Dunwoody groups throughout the weekend beginning on Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday in the large tent in front of the pavilion.  There will be seating inside the tent, as well as, the pavilion area to the rear of the tent.  Music will be for all ages and we hope that you can come and enjoy the free concerts while you are here!  All of our bands are donating their time for the benefit of Dunwoody Lemonade Days.

2015 Lemonade Days Music Schedule 
Wednesday5:00 - Meltdown
5:30 - Taba Rana

Friday 6:00 - The Sunroom
7:00 - Woodsong
8:00 - TBA

Saturday12:30 - Blue Shadow (PCMS Jazz Band)
1:30 - Dustbowl Dancers
2:30 - What Jean Wants
3:30 - Anne-Marie Perry
4:30 - Chris Massey
5:30 - Maggie Sims
6:15 - No Komment
7:15 - Array
8:00 - Cute Boots
9:00 - Crawford Long Charity CD Celebration
9:30 - Crane

Sunday12:00 - AJMF Teen Band Showcase
4:00 - TBA
5:00 - Flat Rock Swing
The music review below is from Chris Martin of the Atlanta Live Music Examiner.
Dunwoody’s Lemonade Days showcases local music
As things begin to thaw out all over the US of A festivals emerge from their slumber setting up in towns everywhere focusing on communities, art, food, music or a little bit of everything. One such festival in Georgia is Dunwoody’s Lemonade Days.

In its 16th year the festival is 5 days of fun with something for everyone, including music. Throwing support towards local music Lemonade Days is one of the many events in Georgia that showcases musicians from Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Music teacher Mark Gallegos’ love of local music is one of the main forces behind the stage at Lemonade Days as a mix of veterans and new comers share the stage. To some this is old hat to others it is their first foray into live music. Either way they get to play their music for fans and new listeners alike. With a bit of music being offered on multiple days, Saturday will be the main course with a full day scheduled.

Headlining Saturday night is Atlanta’s Crane. Fronted by Anthony Crane the band delivers music that pulls from rock, blues, soul, funk, r&b and a few other genres. With a couple of EP’s under their belt the band’s music offers something for everyone. The songs make you feel good when you listen to them and when Crane plays them live they sound even better. Antony’s soulful voice leads the way as it rests upon the smooth rhythms and provided by the band. A good time will be had by all when Crane takes the stage and closes out Saturday’s festivities.

Cute Boots take the stage bringing a wealth of piano driven pop music along with them. Don’t expect them to be a Joel or Elton knockoff because they are not. Cute Boots gives listeners songs built around catchy lyrics, vocal harmonies and upbeat melodies that are held together by unobtrusive rhythms. They separate themselves from other piano laden music with the addition of Charlie Mill’s guitar playing. Their live shows are high energy as the band’s joy of playing music is projected onto the crowd as they roll through songs that are destined to become sing-a-longs.

Another band of note is Array. The young band has melded a raw rock sound with a classic new wave vibe. When you listen to the band’s debut record WOW you can tell that music from the 80’s & 90’s play a big influence. Array creates a bold sound around jagged guitars and rapid rhythms that remind me a lot of the pop infused rock of Material Issue or the Whigs. It warms the cockles of the heart to hear a young band embracing power pop/rock instead of the overproduced computer generated schlock many of today’s youngsters mindlessly follow. Array’s music should translate well live so expect a good set from them.

Offering up a mix of covers and original tunes will be No Komment. The band has been making a name with prominent showings in multiple band competitions as well as playing in many of Atlanta’s more popular venues. With live shows at the Loft, Smith’s Lode Bar and North side Tavern under their belts the stage at Lemonade Days should be a piece of cake.

In addition to these four bands look for a plethora of other local acts to take the stage. Go check out the full list of musicians, times and days at the Lemonade Days music website HERE.

Gallegos will also be releasing a compilation CD this weekend at Lemonade Days. Teaming with and Jangly Records a group of local and regional musicians has been assembled with each supplying a song for the charity album. Being For The Benefit of Crawford Long is a 12 song album put together to help raise funds for the Crawford Long Middle School Music Program. Many of the artists performing this week are on the CD. You will be able to get copies of the benefit CD at Lemonade Days.

If you need something to do this week then head outside the perimeter to Dunwoody for Lemonade Days and check out a talented collection of local musicians. Spend the day taking in live music and throwing some support towards local music. Don’t forget to grab a CD and help keep music alive in school.

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