Thursday, June 4, 2015

DeKalb Sanitation offers "back door pick-up" for free for those who need it as well as larger & smaller carts.

DeKalb County Sanitation FAQ - service starts July 6th

DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May plans a series of “town hall” meetings to meeting with residents and to discuss the new county budget and the start of once-a-week garbage pickup. May plans to hold his Dunwoody meeting on Wednesday June 10th, 7 pm at Dunwoody City Hall.

Based on various questions asked by residents, I have determined two tidbits of interesting and useful information.

All customers will receive a standard 65-gallon garbage roll cart. Customers wishing to downsize to a 35- or 45-gallon garbage roll cart can do so at no extra charge. However, any customers wishing to switch to a 95-gallon garbage roll cart will incur a one-time $15 upgrade fee. Additionally, any customers wishing to upgrade from the complimentary 18-gallon blue recycling bin to a blue 65-gallon recycling roll cart will incur a one-time $15 upgrade fee.

Residents who disabled or elderly and are unable to move their trash and recyclables to the street for pick up may be eligible for a free special service called "backdoor pick-up".   Residents who are interested in the service need to contact Sanitation Department via this email: or by calling (404) 294-2900 and telling them that you need to request “backdoor pick-up”.

With a family of 5, I think it's time to invest $30.00 for the two large carts and in order to do that I need to call 404-294-2900.


Pattie Baker said...

John, do you know if you use the large recycling can, can all recycling be put in it (since I believe our county is supposedly single stream recycling) or do you still need to separate into the blue plastic bag as well? I'd love to stop using brand new plastic for recycling (which has always been weird to me), and to get all the recycling out of my garage finally :)

Thomas O'Brien said...

I just called the number in your blog post, and they stated that they would start taking the size "upgrade" requests in October. Just trying to save your readers some hold time! Thanks for the information :)

John Heneghan said...

Pattie, that is a good question for Lee May when he comes to town; we'll see if we can get an answer.

Besides Mr. O'Brien's comments, here are two residents findings regarding swapping out of various cans.

1. Thursday morning I called DeKalb sanitation, (404) 294-2900, about turning in my 18 gallon recyclables bin and upgrading to a 65 gallon blue bin. I also asked about upgrading to a 95 gallon garbage cart. I was told that DeKalb Sanitation will not be ready to deal with those requests or accept the payments associated with those upgrades until sometime in August, after the 65 gallon green carts are delivered. I put it on my calendar to contact them again in three months…

2. I just talked with the sanitation department and learned that all citizens will initially receive the 65 gallon cart. The 35, 45 and 95 gallon carts will be available on a case by case basis after the initial roll out of the program. Persons most likely to receive the first small ones are the handicapped, condo residents, and those households with few residents who don’t generate much trash.