Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dunwoody gives notice that Tilly Mill Rd / North Peachtree / Peeler Rd. construction starts Wednesday

Traffic operations at the Tilly Mill Rd/North Peachtree Rd. intersection on Wednesday, October 21st between 10am - 2pm to facilitate some preliminary utility relocation work.

This is a huge year long project that is scheduled to start tomorrow, please be kind to other drivers and be patient with the process.  The link above gives a good overview of the project but what is not shown is the water retention ponds and stormwater work that will need to be done beside and behind the retirement home.


Mark Perloe, M.D. said...

This map does not seem to coincide with the area of tree removal. Has the plan changed?

John Heneghan said...

Mark, I am copying a reply I posted on Facebook and hope to have complete set of drawings posted soon. Long story, short there is a water retention pond behind the retirement home (under the word Tilly on the photo of this blog post) that is being cleaned out.

Yes this is the start of a one year, almost $5 Million dollar intersection project. Most of the trees that you see removed behind the church and next to the retirement home is to clear and reconstruct an overgrown water retention pond that needs to be brought up to code for stormwater regs. The immediate neighbors were aware, city has met with them and there is budget available to replant to improve some aesthetics. The city purchased land and has construction easements in place around all corners for turn lanes. Here is the link full bid package but internal link to the construction documents is currently broken. http://dunwoodyga.gov/index.php?section=for_businesses_doing_business_with_the_city_procurement_opportunities&docid=81

Here is the final approval of the contract. http://www.jkheneghan.com/city/meetings/2015/Jul/07272015_Contract_TillyMill_NPeachtree.pdf

Finally the city has a no net loss of trees policy and the city will be replanting a huge number of trees in the future because of this project.

I have asked staff for links to the construction drawings and an estimate as to the number of trees that will need to be replaced. Will post on my blog when I can tell a better - more comprehensive story.

John Heneghan said...

For those interested in the construction drawings, I have uploaded an abbreviated set to my servers deleting many pages of useless text.


Full plans are here.