Friday, October 2, 2015

Dunwoody Parks Master Plan Update - coming soon.,Recreation_OpenSpaceMasterPlan5YearUpdate.pdf

Based on conversations I have had with residents, I believe a cost / benefit as well as a feasibility analysis needs to be conducted in the Proposed Parks Plan Update to compare artificial turf to natural turf so the community can weigh in on that specific subject in case large multi-use fields are recommended by the community to be installed in the back of Brook Run.    John

Pro Artificial Turf      vs     Pro Natural Turf    

Our intent for this parks and recreation master planning process is to update the direction for parks and recreation improvements and functions based on the evolving needs and priorities identified by the community.

Task 1 will be to update the citywide parks, recreation and open space master plan. This plan will include an update of green space, park facilities and park needs, assessment to evaluate current level of service, study potential and appropriate acquisition needs, and identify existing private and public recreation opportunities. The development of the master plan should include extensive public involvement to capture the park and recreation needs and desires of the community. The master plan update should combine the public input with the needs assessment to help craft a long-range blueprint for use of park and recreation areas.

Task 2 will be to update the Brook Run Park Master Plan based upon public involvement with the aim of better representing the current and future needs of our community. This update will occur concurrently with Task 1 and may be incorporated into the final citywide master plan directly or by reference. The overall objectives include:

• Address the City’s role in meeting the recreational needs of the residents of Dunwoody.
• Address the City’s future green space and recreational needs and expenditures
• Guide decision-making with regard to park, building and facility usage, policy, operations, short- and long-term maintenance costs and capital improvement expenses.
• Promote strategies which will support and encourage public health and safety and improve quality of life for the citizens.
• Facilitate a participatory process for citizen involvement in the development of the Parks and
Recreation Master Plan

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The more I read, I think natural grass is the way to go.