Sunday, January 31, 2016

Videos from the Dunwoody Homeowners Assoc Meeting, Congressman Tom Price, GA Senator Fran Millar, awards & overview.

I have learned that the Periscope videos once uploaded are only available for a limited time, therefore if interested please watch sooner rather than later.


RajS Joshi said...

Hi John, can you please publish these on YouTube versus having them available for a very limited time on Periscope, Thanks

Rob said...

Agreed, it says broadcast not found.

John Heneghan said...

Yes Periscope has a very limited availability window of about 24 hours and that is the downside. The benefit of Periscope is the ease of use on my side and direct viewing as it happens. When I stream, I also have a backup copy of the video that I could post to YouTube but I didn't see the historical need on these. I will keep playing with various video streams and maybe there is a better solution. Thanks