Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dunwoody Park at the Dunwoody Nature Center is the best playground in Atlanta for sensitive skin and young ones.

What seems like many years ago, my wife & I had our favorite children's playground in a beautiful shaded park in Norcross.  Unfortunately that park is no longer as shaded as it once was and my boys rarely hang out in playgrounds therefore I wanted to show and tell our community about Dunwoody's beautiful hidden play areas among the trees.  Please stop by the Dunwoody Nature Center to set a spell, enjoy the creek, the shade and the children's laughter.

5343 Roberts Drive  Dunwoody, GA 30338 and walk to the back of the park.


Pattie Baker said...

John: I agree with you about Dunwoody Nature Center being an absolute treasure. But my younger daughter and I hardly ever go there anymore, for one reason: the off-leash dog situation is consistently an issue every time we go. The even more disturbing part is when we ask that the dog be put on a leash when I apologetically say that my daughter was attacked by an off-leash dog at Brook Run Park years ago (when we were starting the community garden) and is uncomfortable around dogs she does not know, many owners look at us like we're crazy (or worse) or tell us the reason their dog is an exception to the law. I've asked Alan if there is anything he can do about this, and I know he has tried. I wish dog owners could understand that not everyone loves a loose dog and that keeping your dog on a leash makes public spaces more accessible for all.

Heyward said...

iI applaud Alan Mothner, his staff and the board directors for taking the park in an excellent direction. For those who want to continue to support the DNC, they are having their annual fundraiser. Monarchs & Margaritas...and Moonshine this Saturday night!