Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dunwoody's State Representative, Tom Taylor drops HR 58 to authorize Municipal independent school systems

House Resolution 58
By: Representatives Taylor of the 79th, Stovall of the 74th, and Brockway of the 102nd

1 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution so as to authorize any municipality in the State
2 of Georgia to establish by local law an independent school system; to provide definitions; to
3 provide for related matters; to provide for the submission of this amendment for ratification
4 or rejection; and for other purposes.


7 Article VIII, Section V of the Constitution is amended by revising Paragraph I as follows:
8 "Paragraph I. School systems continued; consolidation of school systems authorized;
9 new independent school systems prohibited. permitted. (a) Authority is granted to
10 county, municipal, and area boards of education to establish and maintain public schools
11 within their limits; provided, however, that the authority provided for in this Paragraph
12 shall not diminish any authority of the General Assembly otherwise granted under this
13 article, including the authority to establish special schools as provided for in Article VIII,
14 Section V, Paragraph VII.
15 (b) As used in this Paragraph, the term:
16 (1) 'County school system' means a school system operated under the control and
17 management of a county board of education; and
18 (2) 'Independent school system' means a school system operated under the control and
19 management of a board of education of a municipality or other political subdivision of
20 this state other than a county school district.
21 (c) Existing county and independent school systems shall be continued, except that the
22 General Assembly may provide by law for the consolidation of two or more county school
23 systems, independent school systems, portions thereof, or any combination thereof into a
24 single county, municipal, or area school system under the control and management of a
25 county, municipal, or area board of education, under such terms and conditions as the
26 General Assembly may prescribe; but no such consolidation shall become effective until
27 approved by a majority of the qualified voters voting thereon in each separate school
28 system proposed to be consolidated. No independent school system shall hereafter be
29 established."

31 The above proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be published and submitted as
32 provided in Article X, Section I, Paragraph II of the Constitution. The ballot submitting the
33 above proposed amendment shall have written or printed thereon the following:
34 "( ) YES
35 ( ) NO
Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow any municipality to
establish an independent school system by local law?"
36 All persons desiring to vote in favor of ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote "Yes."
37 All persons desiring to vote against ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote "No." If
38 such amendment shall be ratified as provided in said Paragraph of the Constitution, it shall
39 become a part of the Constitution of this state.

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